Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dispute over Nile-Water..

Certainly; this is the aggregate for major regional conflict that would inevitably lead to unpredictable tense and harmful situation within the coming few decades..!!
Regardless how much was the integrity or fairness in the current Agreement, the economic and demographic developments require a notion free from any false claims in a world with no secrets anymore..!!
Politician need to rationalize their plans, and monopolies, as everyone will never be happy next to a thirst neighbor or instability next door..!


  1. It is not only a crack on political level between Egypt and others on Nile basin, and Sudan in particular.. But also a crack within Egypt itself, between its heart and its mind.. Between National Security, and Regional Security.. Between its Egyotian-ism and its Arabian-ism.. (if said so..!) It was hiden for long, but now strongly surfacing..

  2. We know Egypt is practicing similar unethical values on neighboring countries and the facing the critical question of if it can survive using peaceful measures letting go of the "condominium" control similarly to how it was with Egypt over Sudan. Who are the orchestrators of such condominium rule! I think its odd how Egypt has people in all the ... See moreother countries to monitor (make sure) they aren't breaking the treaty!

    For me, its a survival question for all. We have in Arabic a poor expression, yet valid in this situation: يربح من فاز فيها الاول وعشي آولاده.

    But we also know this expression means the starvation/ conflicts for those who have not.
    Thank god I do not drink water much! Coca Cola drinker here... I know I know, its another map of ecological monopoly.
    I treasure you Adil, I'm very impressed with you.
    Adam Aba-Husain

  3. Thanks Adam.. I do value your mastering role in creating exciting topics among your network..
    There is a hairy demise between Statesmen and Politicians.. Group work on strategic structure, another on emotions.. One never bother for excuses, another lives with excuses.. One would lose any election, another would win each.. This is how it is worldwide.. National security is not for compromises, which would lead to regretful times.. Egyptians are historically Statesmen, who needs a Politician to fine tune the awful rhythm of materialistic necessity and threats