Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I wish I could be an European..?
Because in Europe there is a continuous celebration of humanity and our intelligence as species.. There is respect for our rights and obligations.. There is support for our wishes and dreams.. There is vacancy for our potentials to come true; subject to abide by law and consensus.. There is great merge between history, geography, cultures and science..
Sometimes I wonder; if Islam was launched in Europe; what would be its status today?? The religion that celebrates logic and brains is currently seized among cultures that humiliate both..!! No wonder that new generation of European Muslims are standing a distance from the traditional ones in Middle East, Asia and Africa..!! No wonder that current Middle Eastern scholars are imprisoned by conventional Arabic Patriarchy and Eastern Mythical Rituals.. No wonder that futuristic Islam will merge and revive across the Mediterranean..!!
Recalling all futuristic fiction stories or movies, you will find no nudities, anarchies or laziness, similar to what is observed in Europe today.. This tells that all these symptoms are temporary, due to multiple social and psychological reasons, which will be eliminated by balanced development and growth.. It is not a deep settled crack in society and civilization as many would claim.. Therefore; immigration policies in Europe, North America and Australia are set to achieve that purpose, despite the calls on threats due to increased numbers of Muslims, Non-Caucasians and/or intolerant-cultures.. To maintain the economic prosperity and the subsequent social welfare and technological spear; Europe needs many more arms to routinely produce, and fewer more brains to extraordinarily innovate..!!

Thanks to Hana, who fired the question and inspired the answers..

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