Friday, July 2, 2010


Ok, let’s put it crystal clear.. Women are commodities in our humane culture..!!
History, folklore, cultures, etc.; prove this fact..
Not necessarily to be the righteous thing.. but it is a fact..
Pls., do not claim sophisticated civic attributes, while your inner perceptions deal with woman as temporarily replaceable gears..!!
We need sort of comprehensive cultural revolution.. yet, I doubt its success..
Something is deeply planted that make men unconsciously acts such a way..
Born baby girls were buried alive..
Child girls were sold in times of poverty or drought..
Young girls were abused by kinships in times of anarchy..
Young women were widely kidnapped in times of piracy..
Women were commonly raped in times of violence..
Females were traded-off in times of peace..
Even porn culture had used women to exclusively please men..!!
Abuse has lot of forms, not necessarily the physical one..
Child Marriage, Child Education-slip, Child Health carelessness, Child Labor and Child prostitution are some few areas where the child girls are the principle gear or victims.. Yet, in many countries, crimes against girls or women are kept hidden and unreported..
Maybe it is OK, as the chart above shows..!!

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  1. Abuse is not OK, of course! But:
    1. When we are in a marriage, emotionally lost in a situation, it is hard to look out from it. A given situation full of strong emotions hardly can be valued objectively and smartly with cold head.
    2. If mothers and grandmothers had been suffered in their marriage and if one looking around and can see that marriage is so bad nearly everywhere, maybe she thinks that being a woman is about being humiliated and abused, and that it is the normal way.
    3. If I look around and see that so many friends are left alone, because their husbands have fallen in love with someone else, and I see that all men are hunters and flirting, maybe I can endure the shoutings, the terror and the mistreatment -'at least I still have my husband with me.It's OK, much better than being separated from my children, or being left without any incomes.'
    4. When a woman is abused for many years, her self-confidence is destroyed. Step by step her pride and independence have been disappearing. This mechanism is my own experience, I remember the times when I thought that OK being punished by my husband, because I saw myself a nobody who is always making mistakes.
    Unfortunately our confidence so much depends on the way how men look at us, treat us, talk to and about us. Hopefully it changes, and we gain back our woman pride, and we will not need men's judgement to be able to see our beauty and value.
    with love: