Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ban on French Niqab..

I called it French, as it has nothing to do with the true realities of Islam..!!
If Muslim leaders are confused or ill-plotting, they need to recover and adher to the righteous..
This controversial tie-up between Islam and Niqab, had injured Islam and Muslim more than the Crusades..
It is the enemy within, which got Muslims apart.. and partitioned them from the world around..
Should Muslim politicians control the flood of anti-science impractical unauthentic “Fatwas”, or it is beyond their unspoken agendas to rule..?!!

BBC 13 July 2010 Last updated at 16:04 GMT
France's lower house of parliament has overwhelmingly approved a bill that would ban wearing the Islamic full veil in public. There were 335 votes for the bill and only one against in the 557-seat National Assembly. It must now be ratified by the Senate in September to become law. The ban has strong public support but critics point out that only a tiny minority of French Muslims wear the full veil. Many of the opposition Socialists, who originally wanted the ban limited only to public buildings, abstained from voting after coming under pressure from feminist supporters of the bill. President Nicolas Sarkozy has backed the ban as part of a wider debate on French identity but critics say the government is pandering to far-right voters.

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