Thursday, July 29, 2010

Retardates for Public Office..

What I like about the US political system, that anyone has the right to say anything.. once elected, s/he will be incubated by the system, and surgical alterations will bring her/him to the realities of government.. Such an idiot, if keep under-watch would be someone else if elected.. Obama is not the same couple of years ago.. The system does not allow for retardates to have a seat.. Bush Jr was the last to hold a Public office in history..!
The beauty of the system is how to expose the depth of each and any candidate.. allawing the people t realize before they choose.. Election process was carefully defined and controlled to mitigate any worngdoings.. People choice is not a wrongdoing, but may be an ill-doing.. There is a big defference here.. I wish to know what lessons the underdeveloped countries get from such a funny video..!!

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