Thursday, July 15, 2010


Un-Habitat define housing in Sudan as 90-100% as Slums..!!

Pls, do not jump to conclusions, you need to understand the term first..!
Slums in the traditional sense are housing areas that were once respectable – even desirable – but which deteriorated after the original dwellers moved on to new and better parts of the city. The condition of the old homes declined as they were progressively subdivided and rented out to lower income people. Today, slum...s have come to include the vast informal settlements that are quickly becoming the most visible manifestation of urban poverty in developing world cities. Such settlements are known by many different names and are characterized by a variety of tenure arrangements. In all cases, however, the buildings found there vary from the simplest shack to permanent and sometimes surprisingly well-maintained structures, but what most slums share in common is a lack of clean water, electricity, sanitation and other basic services.

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  1. So, my own definition for slums is divided between:

    Principle Features:
    1. Undisputed plots; with or without documented ownership.
    2. Waste water is not flushed to a public sewage network.

    And Variant Descriptions:
    1. Electricity, potable water and/or ICT is not provided.
    2. Structures are mostly shallow and unengineered.
    3. Demographic standards are usually poor.
    4. Habitat is often over populated.