Friday, July 9, 2010


The ill-fate for anti-poverty proposals had accumulated the sense that it is undefeatable.. A phenomenon that people has to live with, and likely to die with too.. Certainly, the wealth structure worldwide is greedy and has no mercy for the poor-born ones.. It takes either a surprising opportunity or a beyond-belief determination for a poor one to change her/his own fate.. Help, despite all glamorous talk on CSR, Microlending and Social Development, stills miles away from all slums, tent-camps and filthy-dwellings in all worldly Megapolis communities..

Gremeen Bank and his brilliant founder Professor Yunus, are great examples of how to deliver a difference.. The success story is amazing and has lots of lessons to be  learned in order to beef up  similar or general practices.. Yet, my fear that the temptation to compete with Wall-Street and The City will never add real value, but academic and PR one.. Nothing will drive the interest of the poor, who unlikely to read the business news or follow the social events..!!

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