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Sunday, July 25, 2010

UK Summar Horror..!

The more Islamophobia campaigns are on, the more Common-Muslims escape into such controversial and the so-called religious practices.. rituals
Alhamdulillah, awareness campaigns in poor Muslim communities are doing much better during the last couple of decades.. Thanks to the efforts of NGOs, Literates and Officials..
Yet; it is amazing that such practice are carried out among some Muslim Brits in the UK itself.. The whole thing would shade light on the analysis, theories and implementations of Mass Communications and Public Programs..

British girls undergo horror of genital mutilation despite tough lawsFemale circumcision will be inflicted on up to 2,000 British schoolgirls during the summer holidays – leaving brutal physical and emotional scars. Yet there have been no prosecutions against the practice
Tracy McVeigh and Tara Sutton The Observer, Sunday 25 July 2010

FGM (Female genital cutting) or FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) was widely practiced throughout history.. It was preferred by Arabs at the times of The Messenger PBUH; who did not denounce, yet advised for a mild practice.. Thus, it had the religious momentum among Muslims and became an Islamic Taboo worldwide..!!

Till date, some non-Muslim communities still practicing, but the governing laws are tough to hide it.. Among Common Muslims it stills a practice of honor, despite hurt and campaigns..


  1. Horrible. I cant stand how people try and use Islam as a reason to justify why this is done. It's pure barbaric culture...
    Paul Wooten

  2. How many will have proper Islamically defined female circumcisions? Can the Muslim women who engage in proper circumcisions help those non-muslims still practing FGM?
    Iesa Keith Washington

  3. @Iesa What a wonderful point you make!
    If one understood the Sunnah then that person would know that Islam allows adoption of existing aspects of people's culture, but if there is any excess or unfairness involved in them it will aim to res...tore balance and fairness. Much of what we hear goes on in this regard is inhuman and cruel. Permissibility with guidance about anything is not a recommendation and certainly not ever an obligation. Those of them who will subject their females to barbaric methods and practices should be prevented from criminality, their victims supported and those who are perpetrators should be punished.
    Manwar Ali ‎

  4. When non-Muslim males convert to Islam many choose to have circumcision which is not obligatory and can be painful. Today new methods are available which greatly reduce discomfort. In many muslim countries the procedure is free of charge for convert males making it available in professional medical centers by trained professionals.
    Iesa Keith Washington

  5. "female mutilation has no traditional, no cultural and no religious aspect, it is a crime which seeks justice" Waris dirie...everybody should read and encourage others to read her book Desert flower to raise awareness...its a heart breaking book which shows us the heart breaking reality of FGM, the waris Dirie foundation fights FGM worldwide...check it out....
    Kerri Read ‎

  6. FGM is sick agreed. I wont deny or belittle anything from Islam. What is optional I will take or leave, but not reject or lie.
    Iesa Keith Washington

  7. Manwar had elaborated a remarkable and critical point, on adoption of existing cultures.. Yet, the Muslim leaders are reluctant to walk into the cultural mind fields, where many concepts were falsely or forcibly Islamized during the centuries.. Many are short of sincere will to do the necessary corrections and alterations which would cause them lose the votes.. Regretfully, 70% of Muslim populations are poor and illiterate, who mistrust elite literates.. I guess we all need to support NGOs, as they are the only capable to reach out from the darkness..

  8. Me thinks Kerri you really ought to share the book and the issues or concerns it raises on the JIMAS Book Club (insha`Allah).
    I think we should have something in place in Suffolk with regards to tackling this barbarity.
    Any half-educated Muslim would know that to ask to bring slavery back in the name of Islam would be horrifying and shocking. Yet Islam did not categorically forbid it (nor did Judaism or Christianity). A semi-educated Muslim would know not only of the virtue of freeing slavery but how it was eradicated in the Arabian peninsula during the Khulafa-Rashideen. They would know the aim is its eradication whereas they will need a good discussion on why it was not simply forbidden. Similarly, it is horrifying and shocking that certain people who are Muslims want to practice FGM as part of their culture. It is equally horrible and sad that you will hardly hear a Muslim preacher or teacher educating others about it or speaking out against it. What makes it hateful is that there will be a vocal group of Muslims always at hand to demand the Shari'ah and spew filth against other societies and religions.
    Manwar Ali

  9. FGM is haram. Female Circumcision is not. Distinguish the two and remove Islam from the argument.
    Iesa Keith Washington

  10. Such fine demise between FGM & FC is not clear for many educated Muslims.. So, how Common Majority would react..?

  11. I saw a programme about this a few years ago.
    It's a practice that is common in Africa amongst both Muslims and Christians - each claiming it to be a religious act.
    I have to say Sarah, I felt so sick readingthe article that I couldn't actually finish it.
    I remmeber watching this programme and forcing myself to do it too because the anger, disgust and horror of watching a programme was in no way comparable to what these girls went through.
    There was one scene which is entirely etched in my mind of where the camera and presenter were outside a hut and you could hear what was happening inside. The screams of that little girl were the most horrific I have ever heard. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.
    Maybe there ought to be a practice of doctors checking young girls every summer and prosecuting the parents!
    Slightly big-brother-esque, but if it means people stop this vile practice - all the better!
    I don't propose that to be the ACTUAL solution, I know it's a ridiculous idea - but SOMETHING has to be done! Education MUST be the rout of it!
    Stopic clerics from abroad might be one! Only allowing clerics who are trained and have studied the texts, rather than local boys who were sent to the madrassah only to memorise the Qur'an!
    Sorry... I'm getting angry now, so I shall stop.

    Nazira Bibi

  12. from my reading it seems evident that Female genital mutilation or female circumcision or female genital cutting or whatever you want to call it predates islam and christianity and originated in egypt at the time of the pharoahs.
    It causes numerous health risks and issues that are contrary to living a normal life eg. major problems with childbirth, increased risk of infections throughout life, problems with experiencing sexual enjoyment, low self esteem, and many psychological problems including anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorders. not to mention the initial problems of scarring, extremem pain, excessive bleeding, infection and possibly death. there are alot of books and research about it. UNICEF reported that: "... Al-Azhar Supreme Council of Islamic Research, Egypt, issued a statement saying FGM/C has no basis in core Islamic law or any of its partial provisions and that it is harmful and should not be practised."
    Kerri Read

  13. Certainly, no one would disagree on amount of horror, trauma, complications, confusion and yet strong belief among the majority.. Lots of written and spoken words are already there.. Lots o curses, cries and sympathy as well.. My worry is about the way forward, and how to dismantle such false yet mighty convection..? Is there a road map for an assured light at the end of this cultural tunnel..?

  14. Age is definetly important in this debate because we are talking about an issue of choice and development. Yes mutlitation existed before Islam we are all against that. Azhar restricted mutilations we all agree with this.
    I personally know ...women who have been properly circumcised by choice and they do not regret the choice and enjoy their marital relations. He says she says is an enemy in debate. You all need to speak to these women personally and stop listening to propaganda.
    Iesa Keith Washington

  15. this is awfull but i thought these days people were more informed and most of it had stopped
    i really feel like i need to do something
    and also a girl of 12 surely should not be showing her aura to a room full of women
    u can not imagine th...e horror
    Emma Davies

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  17. Well said Iesa.. It is controversial, yet I cannot understand the social mightiness that drives elder women to do it for the younger ones.. If that hurts and cries are such permanently painful, how comes Women did not stop it..?? Ironically, if such practice was influenced by Men, why they did not pass the experience through generations to keep it alive..?? There are many questions, yet answers vary and expand in different directions.. Thanks to Sarah to initiate such a useful debate.. I shall copy it all to my own blog..