Thursday, August 12, 2010

Engineering the World..!

What is happening in Pakistan is not only a shame on the face of rescue operations, but also on the worldly-government-controlled preparedness for emergencies.. I need to put it rough and tough; it is not “engineered” enough..!

Apparently, the “Engineers” mind set is greatly different from other professionals or administrators.. The same was in Katrina, when was confused by FEMA administrators, but rescued by Army Engineers.. in Dubai, when boomed up by Engineers, then collapsed by Accountants.. Now in Pakistan as the chaos spread by run-away Politicians, and No engineers to restore sense of order.. Maybe they should revisit the curriculum of emergency workers worldwide.. By the way, if you would survey around, "Engineers" are the fewest caliber among NGOs and Emergency workers worldwide.. I remember back in Sudan in 1990, among IDPs, I was wondering why most of the aid staff are performing irrational scope breakdown, operating in a lengthy sequence or missing the logic of "Structure"..

The recent global turbulences and gaps of dissatisfaction; had pointed to the necessities of integrity, experience, innovation and visionaries to sustain any success. People need is to work on the basics; where scope is comprehensively auditable, procurement is fairly just, and governance is critically addressed. During the last few years, both government and business endeavors were packed by eloquent statements; yet could not establish sanctuaries against market extremism, surprises and/or communication violence. Confronting the overwholmed consuming trends, breaking the cycles of urban frustration, restructuring the financial maturity, and restoring both public and professional confidence are the imminent road mapping for any public strategist, planner and/or executive.

Always, there is a need for a reliable tool to turn colorful pretty pictures, concepts and wish-lists into constructible forms and realities. Not only to taste and visualize the futuristic themes, but to realize the true dramatic cost of delivery. The need for unshakable adherence to QMS, CRM, CSR and Governance is the guideline to structure confident WBS, CSFs, and KPIs for successful monitoring and operating systems. Should all endeavors been carried out as research “Projects”; which require conclusive realization, governing integrity and absolute visionary on both shareholders and processing.

It is the time for change at all levels, overwriting confused bureaucracy, misused political alliances and greedy enterprising lobbying.. It is the time to "Engineer" the world.. Prayers are continued to all the helpless poor around the globe..


  1. The tragedy in Pakistan had exposed the weakness of emergency preparedness and rescue themes, which had earlier proven failure in Haiti.. However, Pakistani politicians and administrators, who amazingly disappeared; carry lots of the blame, as had already wasted the country’s resources in nasty games and personal-gains maneuvers..!!

  2. Arab and Muslim donations so far:

    Saudi Arabia
    King Abdullah said on 17 August the kingdom would give SR300 million (about $80 million) to Pakistan.
    A nationwide fundraising campaign launched on 16 August by the Saudi monarch raised more than SR100 million ($26.6 million).

    A fleet of Chinook helicopters was deployed to help in evacuation, according to the commander of the UAE Armed Force's Relief Team in Pakistan. The UAE Force in Afghanistan distributed 30MT of relief materials and food to flooded areas of the country.

    The Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO) is sending 2,336MT of aid to Pakistan, comprising foodstuffs, water, dates, tents, relief supplies and tools.

    A plane carrying 3.5MT of food and medical supplies left for Pakistan on 15 August. It is carrying a 25-member medical team, including nine doctors, as well as 21,000 typhoid and cholera vaccines.

    Syria said it was sending an airplane loaded with 35MT of foodstuffs, medical supplies to help the victims.

    Qatar Red Crescent has appealed for QR6.5 million (about $1.19 million) and as part of its Ramadan campaign allocated QR1.5 million (about $413,000) to its humanitarian mission, according to Projects head, Khaled Dhiab.

    Kuwait has announced aid of $5 million for the flood-affected areas. A team from the Kuwait Joint Relief Committee (KJRC) distributed aid in the northern Pakistani province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa.

    From Local Media

  3. JOHANNESBURG, 19 August 2010 (IRIN) - On a tour of water-logged and rain-weary Pakistan, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the floods were the worst disaster he had ever seen. The response to the crisis has been less enthusiastic - only about half the US$459.7 million requested by the United Nations has materialized.

    "The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) of the Pakistan government puts the numbers of affected population at around 20 million people and rising, in an area the size of Italy," said Saleem Rehmat, Senior Programme Coordinator of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Pakistan

  4. I came to know that in some counties, administrators and political leaders had ordered the demolition of some flood barrier; claiming to release pressure from some affected areas, while true intention was to widespread the damage..!! Then, they would hunt big portion from the foreign aid for their own benefit..!! This is why catastrophe was unbelievable and unprecedented great and uncontrollable.. If this is true, no words would describe such brutal acts..