Saturday, August 28, 2010

ONE Sudan..!!??

How funny when dreams cannot shape the realities..!!
There are something never made or revive by force..
I live on my own memories for the gone wonderful-times..

Once, a Sudanese blogger had filmed his own tearful-face, listening to a patriotic Sudanese song.. I spent many days wondering, how within such extreme emotions, to arrange filming your own-self..? Either you are a liar or a great hypocrite..!!
Pitty enough, the responds from his age group..!
I do not doubt his or their sincerity, but hi-lighting the changing tools of expression and communications.. It is a Globalized Patriotism, where all are mixed..!

Since 1989, a generation had known nothing but the deformed Islamic regime in Sudan.. Those who either were in their childhood, or not yet born, had grown up during the last 20 years; within the mass media campaigns, advocated corruption and shallow mind-set.. They are 65% of the population, who are now 35 years old or under.. No offense..!

Therefore, we (me & my generation) have broken ties with them.. We cannot speak the same language nor share the same themes or concepts of living..

Same as this video, an excellent piece of work, but reflects nothing that would touch the inner senses of those in suburban, jungles or nomads.. Yet, it has technology, excellent setting, professional theme, and state of the art of the industry..
Yes, it is now an Industry.. as well as everything else including Partriotism..
Once upon the time, there were a country called; SUDAN..!


  1. Salaam Allah, Adil!

    This evening I've read the following quote and now when reading your note on the Sudan, I wished to share it with you:
    "At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done.
    Then they begin to hope it can be done.
    Then they see it can be done.
    Then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago."
    Everything starts when we don't give up the hope, don't lose trust and keep our faith in a better world. How could I make you believe that your country, and your people and this world deserves your optimism and love...
    :) Hana

  2. My dear friend.. You would not imagine how much I missed your thoughtful comments.. I believe you love Sudan more than its own people..!!
    Those words of wisdom are the summary of humane experience on earth.. The legacy of Mankind, in very wonderful simple expressions.. Thanks..
    Be assured that my love is granted for Sudan, our people and the world.. but not my optimism..!!

  3. Dear Adil

    I couldn’t stop myself laughing when I read the first paragraph….I know exactly what you’re talking about, and I also had the same idea when I saw that video.

    Nevertheless, I felt frustrated rather confused when I finished reading this post. Whom to blame us (the young generation) on what we know about Sudan? And how we should feel about Sudan? I know most of the people in this video your showing here, and I remember the days and years it took us (Northern, southern and Darfurians) to build the trust among us to even start an honest to God dialogs about Sudan. This happened here in Washington, DC and where most of those guys live. So to me this was not an industry, this was us speaking to the world, this is Sudan that lives within us, these are the walls that we’ve dismantled, and that’s why my generation has both love and optimism.

    I think this is an interesting subject to elaborate more on (Sudan Generations), because I certainly lost all hope on the previous generation to move us forward.

    At the end, I beg your kindness to excuse my boldness in this subject as I mean no offense. I’m a huge fan of your blog and I will always be.

    Ibrahim Babiker

  4. Dear Ibrahim.. Thanks for your complements and comments.. Hope you and your friends will never lose the essence of Sudan, despite of the erosion and corrosion..!!

    20 years ago, I wrote an article in one of the Sudanese newspapers in-exile, claiming that “Only” the Sudanese in Diaspora are the hope for a futuristic Sudan..! At that time; the Regime was just clearing the site for their domination by great mass media campaign and illusion of better times to come.. I hold this belief till date, not only for Sudan, but for many underdeveloped countries; which are torn between righteous ambitions and inherited diseases.. Demographic, Development, Cultural and Political systems are mostly corrupted and inefficient for the wishful changes..

    Local generations are mostly and already contaminated and incapable to define what is right and what is wrong.. All are just earning living as far as they can.. if they can..!! I cannot blame them, but find an excuse for them not to deliver the wishful future..!! A person cannot deliver what he did not taste.. As how their mouths, eyes and ears are full of rust and dirt; no one would blame them.. As how their hearts and minds and blocked, blackened and distracted.. no one can expect anything from them.. As said, not only in Sudan, but half of the Globe..

    Now the question, how many of those who had been brought up away from home; are willing to go back and share both awful burdens and consequences to be proud citizens..?? I guess very few, for many practical and straightforward reasons.. They will keep dreaming about the homeland; which is not existing.. and the future; which is very far from reach..!! Their dreams will be the fuel for many research centers; which are working to draw the picture of tomorrow.. Their dreams will inspire artists and entertainers to create the flooding virtual realities..

    As said, it is not a blame to anyone, but the globalization mechanism that is inevitably transforming every little thing around.. otherwise, how star-wars will turn into realities..!!