Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thresholds of Style..

I remember one day at the famous Edgware Rd in London, an Arab girl was crossing in skin jeans, short top and head scarf.. So far it is controversially normal, which I had seen a lot in Cairo, Dubai, and Kuala Lampure..!
But for my amusement, she was wearing a Niqab..
A bit of those comic illustrations on Scheherazade and Arabian Nights..
Naked women, yet keep their Niqab or head scarf on..!
5 years on, her image stills alive in my memory..
5 years on, and certainly lots are beyond that threshold of style..!!
Muslims had brought lots of disgrace to their ignored gem: Islam..
They beat my skills, to figure out what had gone wrong..?

Many are the contradictions Muslim Arabs in particular are committing against basic sense of intelligence or logic.. I recall a US Friend who claimed that they stopped following Muslim Arab preachers, as they either miss the sustainable logic or reflect a deformed cultural environment.. I quote: “they bring the evils of deteriorated Arabian culture to our intact Muslim concepts.. Our beliefs are resultants not only of fighting the western odds, but also of how to make sense..!!”
No wonder that the rate of cross-marriages between Muslim Arabs and Muslim Westerners had sharply declined, despite the enthusiasm that followed for a while the events of September 11th..

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