Monday, September 27, 2010

Nasser, 40 years after..

With the simple radio technology of 1960th, the 150 million Arabs, at that time, were only gathered to listen to two persons: Nasser and Um-Kulthom.. While Um Kulthom was a singer, had the magic keys of script and melody to entertain all people, Nasser was a leader who came out of the blues after WWII, touching the nerves of all population including the wealthy 1%, and spoke out the dreams, fears, ambitions and enthusiasm of Arabic Cultural Core..

He represented a generation who had witnessed the evolution of political and governing systems into modern structures of mid 1900th.. Yes, the majority of people were illiterate, poor, and driven by orthodox taboos, yet their sense of patriotism, identity and sought prosperity were commonly shared all over the world. Some of his followers made him a prophet of patriotism, opponents condemned him with great misleading, yet all agreed that his was unprecedented, unrepeated leader in a violent unpredicted spot of the world: The Middle East..

I believe he was just a man with simple conscious that enabled him to define righteous and wrong in simple quotes.. Simply reflects the simple dreams and wishes of all men and women.. and revived historical myths of pride and victories.. Every nation needs so.. Regretfully, throughout Egypt and Arab world, neo-intellectuals are overwhelmingly debating on him, forgetting the core he always considered and dreamed about: The People..

Despite all achievements and mistakes, despite all gains and losses.. Despite any love or hatred.. He was one of the leading impressive figures who had permanently changed the world.. Debates on him, add to his value, role and charisma..!
Salute to him in the 40th anniversary of his sudden deadly heart attack, during a marathon debate on Palestine..!!

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  1. قتلناك ياأخرالأ نبياء

    قتلناكَ .. ليسَ جديداً علينا

    اغتيالُ الصحابةِ والأولياءْ

    فكم من رسولٍ قتلنا.. وكم من إمامٍ

    ذبحناهُ وهوَ يصلّي صلاةَ العشاءْ

    فتاريخُنا كلّهُ محنةٌ .. وأيامُنا كلُّها كربلاء
    نزلتَ علينا كتاباً جميلاً .. ولكننا لا نجيدُ القراءه

    وسافرتَ فينا لأرضِ البراءهْ .. ولكننا.. ما قبلنا الرحيل

    تركناكَ في شمسِ سيناءَ وحدك .. تكلّمُ ربكَ في الطورِ وحدك

    وتعرى.. وتشقى .. وتعطشُ وحدك

    ونحنُ هنا نجلسُ القرفصاءْ .. نبيعُ الشعاراتِ للأغبياء

    ونحشو الجماهيرَ تبناً وقشاً .. ونتركهم يعلكونَ الهواء

    قتلناكَ .. يا جبلَ الكبرياء