Saturday, October 9, 2010


A simple comment from a dear friend had initiated long discussion on social eligibility and implication on matchmaking.. Yes, it seems one of those topics of pointless chat, yet it is critical and serious as a corner stone for the social order and development..

His point was typically the oriental one; "No escape from the upbringing criteria and a must crack between any socially-unmatched couples.." Certainly; I refused, as social grading is an adaptable behavior, subject to convections, not a rank or a stigma that would keep the person imprisoned within..!

I recall ordinary men and women, who happened to seize opportunities; which had elevated their social status and forced them to handle different habits and costumes.. Remarkably they mastered and finally established their own Noble Social Order..!!

Across the Oriental communities; among Arabs, Turkish, Indian, Persian and Chinese, the social grading is sacred and strongly alive despite urbanism, literacy and politics. Ancient Europeans had given up the same post the industrial development of 1800th. African had fewer taboos, as their social grading is changing, rotating and practical. South America still keeps alive the Latin mind-set, while the Northern along with Oceania had trashed away such thinking. However, it is notable that the New World has a slow yet patient trend to allow the rebirth of Nobility and Dynasties..!

Yes, Nobility had started with myths on racial, knighthood or kinship backgrounds, yet wealth always acted as both seductive and destructive elements to nobility.. Nobles had always earned a lot by their titles, while wealthy had sought any nobility to purchase.. Social and radical theories had questioned the economics of Nobility and their righteous eligibility or justification.. Nobles of 20th century attempted to act as ordinary more than how the common had dreamed to act as nobles.. Nobility somehow, in many destinations became a stigma rather than a rank..!!

Frankly, the demise among people in terms of social ranking, is very effective and successful in creating motives for national upgrade, with subsequent efforts to create, build, gain and sustain.. Across all times; greed had always changed the humane landscape; while urgency had inevitably fueled the social debate, challenge and interactions.. Therefore, matchmaking is lawfully called “X Factor” interpreting no-ranking; as well as love knows no boundaries..!

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