Thursday, October 7, 2010

Viginity Test in Sourth Africa..!!

Well, I have nothing to say..
Mix of Luaghs and Tears..!
Hopefully; most will get White Stars & Certificates..!


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  2. My dear Friend Adam had posted:"Feeling Africa.."
    I replied: "Maybe you feel it as contradictory to the ultimate urbanism we are addicted to.. Africa is a pretty wild innocence, a dominating back-warding nomadic culture, a simple disastrous sociopolitical structures, a virgin chaotic biodiversity, a sensational premature scenery, and an open horizon for all expectations.. Nice to imagine, hard to build a consensus..!"
    Then; I discovered that Amazing Test Practice..!!!

  3. Place, People, Culture are the unified theme to accept of reject Africa.. Either take or decline the whole package.. Regretfully, we tend to accept Africa as a place, some like it as people, yet I doubt who would love it as a culture..!!
    Meaning: who is ready to adopt it..?

  4. Virginity among nomadic Africans and many other underdeveloped communities, is very much different from the same among urban others.. Symbolism, Attributes, and even Administration have different trends and styles.. The same applies to physical intimacy; which would sometimes and extremely goes unveiled or public for some kinships.. Through history; our intellectual accumulations and cultural built-up had structured the perceptions on linked privacy and ownership.. This is whereas the historical Lawful Polygany is been questioned; while the traditional Masculine-Entertainment is been entrepreneured..!! We have a combined intellectual and moral quest here..!!

  5. A Friend had posted a video warning on fake diaphragm repairing surgery....!!!!!!!!!!!

    My comment: Adil Abdalla True “Virginity” is emotional and psychological; which both genders are subject to.. The physical diaphragm is nothing but “Pagan” rituals; with no support of religions or epistemia.. Why females are seized within, while most males are not..?? Should both sexes share their sexual experience alike their travel, sport or shopping ones..?? Because male have no diaphragm, they can claim modesty; while they are most not..?? Either our culture is deformed or our logic is nonsense..Intellectual elite should rectify the error as well as FGM traditions..!!