Thursday, December 2, 2010


Among few, I believe that Lebanon is a land of civilization, which made the Lebanese People the most civilized among the Arabs.. It is not a matter of fashions or trends, but the deep-rooted practice of life that appreciates morals and qualities of excellence.. It is historically proven, yet concurrently proven on our daily life.. Simply, a nation of few millions that is always represented or been perceived as tens of millions..!!

Almost no Lebanese had Sudan as a land of Diaspora, while few Sudanese had made Lebanon their home or in-laws’ home.. Yes, some things had always raised between ethnic, cultural and social lines of divide, yet none was religious.. In Sudan, we almost denounce Islamic Sects; therefore our interaction with the Lebanese was always advance to what religion we believe in.. or what Sect we commit too..

Lebanese Woman had always proved to be the extraordinary among all Middle Eastern women.. She manages to maintain her all interests with almost equal balance.. She is a marvelous daughter, an adorable wife and a devoted mother.. She is an ultra professional colleague, an ever loving sister and an unmatched party partner.. When religious, loving or relaxing; she is very committed, when fighting; she is just another buddy man..!!

Despite how active and smart thee Lebanese are, number of Lebanese women who are doing their own business is relatively small.. I guess, it is a nation is built by resilient women, while men are doing political and commercial business..!!

Despite the ones who misuse opportunities, or excessively use them; Lebanese are mostly stable characters, despite whatsoever they do, because they grow up free from constraints, paranoia’s or complexities.. This is why they easily score wherever landed.. This is why they have all potentials, yet fought by all neighbors..!!

A late Uncle of mine was adoring them, yet could not have a Lebanese wife.. Maybe a typical skin issue..!!
Another had raised a wonderful mixed family on a neutral grounds in Egypt..
I personally have wonderful ones to be my friends and colleagues..
Amazingly; hardly to have anemies from them..!!

It is nice to have a nice appreciation about a nation..
Hopefully stay safe, content and intact..!!

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