Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sharawy & Mubarak

Few years ago, Sheikh Mohammad Mutwali AlSharawy, who was an extraordinary Islamic scholar in Egypt, had made a famous speech in front of Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak.. The speech was one of the last the late Shiekh had made, as passed away few weeks later..

However it had created a fierce controversy between two contradicting groups; each included Religious, Secular and Hypocrites as well..
The row still there, while parties are neither agreeing, compromising nor fighting..!!
Simply, it reflects the common declining intellectual environment that perfectly interprets the current happenings and predictions among Muslim communities worldwide..!

English translation is provided below the clip..
I shall put my views in the comments, while asking you to repeatedly watch, dive and enjoy a modern piece of true Islamic Philosophy, Literature and Morals..!!

Please note that this is in Arabic and here is the English translation courtesy of Tamer Abouzeid and Farah Haddadin. (Please note comments in [brackets] are further explanations/annotations where deemed necessary.)

And I am, Mr. President, standing at the doorstep of my life [close to death], to receive God's fate; so I will not conclude my life with hypocrisy, nor publicize my strength through feigned courage. But I shall say a new word to the entire [Islamic] Nation; Government and Party, Opposition and Men, and a Peoples, I am sorry to say, that is complacent. I want of them to know, that all Dominion is in the hand of God; He gives it to who He wills: there is no conspiring to take it, and no conniving to reach it. Indeed, The Truth [God] (Glorified and Almighty), when He told of the dialogue between Ibrahim [Abraham] and Namrooz [Nimrod], what did He say to him? [Quotation from Qur'an, Sura Al-Baqara 2:258:] "Have you not considered him who argued with Ibrahim about his God," and he is a non-believer, He said "...because God had given him dominion."

For dominion, when God grants it, He said, "brings dominion to who He wills." So there is no conspiring on God to get dominion, and there is no conniving against God to get rule, because no one will rule in God's Dominion except with the want of God. (Crowd yells: Yes, God is Greater) And so if he [the ruler] was just, he has done good with his just rule; and if he was oppressive, he makes oppression ugly and hated in the souls of all people, so they end up hating every oppressor even if he weren't a ruler.

And because of this, I say to the entire Nation: it, thanks be to God, has been confirmed to us the truthfulness of God in his words, through what has transpired of events. For how did we explain the words of God, "And they scheme, and God schemes." (Crowd: Yes, God is Greater) And how did we explain, "And they connive, and We connive." [The sheikh is referencing his explanations of the meanings of the Qur'an, saying that people plan and connive but in the end God does so as well and His will is done. It may also be a reference to the assassination attempt on Egyptian President Mubarak who is listening, since this was an event to celebrate the failure of this assassination attempt in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.]

God wants to prove His command of his creations, and so I advise every person who thinks about becoming a ruler, I advise you not to ask for it; verily, you must be asked to do it. For the prophet of God said, "He who is asked to do something, is assisted in it; and he who asks for something becomes obsessed with it."

Mr. President, the last of what I would like to tell you, as this may be my last meeting with you (Crowd: May God elongate your life): If you are our divine decree, may God make you succeed; and if we are your divine decree, may God help you to endure.

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