Friday, December 3, 2010

Sudanese Fruits..

The earlier generation had imported political concepts, tactics and applications; which had generally provoked the simple way of Sudanese life.. These when the segmentation were seeded..
My generation (Sudanese Baby-Boomers) had practiced the “Politics of Wealth” as great portion of our vision was aliened, paranoid and handicapped..
The following generations had worsen the phenomenon, with easy, effective and profitable communications.. Nothing said had interpreted the pain or dreams of true Sudanese..
Yes, we had created the problem, yet most of us speak about how big or complex it is, while very few speak about a way forward..  Certainly, We need to understand the roots to imagine the fruits..
But excessive understanding is an endless tricky job; leading to no fruits, no respect and no sense.. This is my own precaution on the modern trend of think-tanking or research business..
However, may all Sudanese NGOs grow fast and act big, as the Sudanese Commons cannot await any further.. !!

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