Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rebuilding a Nation..

Egyptian protesters attackng an anti riot police car

By default, in the 3rd world everyone is claiming knowledgeable.. The 50% or more of these populous nations are below 25 years old, with 10% belong to the cyber generation.. Within the global networking, they have more time to virtually explore the world, to draw physical dreams and to share fierce frustration on disappointments.. Then, everyone talks about the must-reforms with ammunition of tabloid-alike news feeders, while unconsciously repeats the propagandas of state-media.. As their intellectual skills escalate by video gaming; all issues are open for that young debates.. Despite how issues are complex; those youngsters are amazingly confident of their (eventually disintegrated) visions.. Unfortunately, the enemy within is greater than the old times.. It is the Immature public culture as grown by long term confusions and illusions, mixed with that young honest enthusiastic aspiration to reshape the world..

In Egypt; for 18 days, few millions had protested while the other majority watched in anxiety and fear.. Many outspokenly talked Politics, Constitution, Int’l Relations, and Philosophy.. Gossips and chats became theories.. Predictions became road-maps.. Then, no one is fully confident to factually change; including the Army.. Egypt would become a swollen body without limps.. When my Egyptian niece argued me on the constitutional reform, I could not manage her boiling energy nor her young logic.. I rremembered that debate I had in 1985 on the “Source of Law”: Is it the revolutionary legitimacy, despite its enthusiastic nervousness, or the epistemic legitimacy as drawn by white collars, gray hair and forefathers-alike..? A question that never settled among either emerging or failed nations..!!

Inevitably as people; we are not epistemically nor physically equal.. It was also advised by all Holy Books and Philosophies.. Science had standardized the process, which had learnt from the renaissance that parameters should be set in pragmatic manner to avoid the public chaos.. Therefore, a scientist in NASA will not know where Gaza is, the famous Orange County Choppers are clueless about Kashmir, while George Clooney never spoke about the US constitutional amendments..! Let’s face it.. There is a missing element in the 3rd world‘s interpretation of democracy; which creates the misleading context and appreciation as well.. Why Indian democracy is not celebrated as the biggest..? Why Gabon election requires foreign monitors..? Why Sudanese judiciary is not reliable..? On the contrary; Why Japanese election goes unnoticed..? Why the British audit Blair’s war decision..? Why European Nationalists are wining the powers..?

It is the Mature Social Manifesto..

This is how the Egyptian 25th Jan 2011 had shockingly started

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  1. When civic troubles occur; people would protest expressing their frustration, not their own-invented intellectual solutions.. Otherwise, why we divide both work and accountability..? This is how the Western hemisphere maintains continuity synchronized with progress.. Enabling the entrusted and mature civic society to play the political watch, audit and reform; while the rest literally work for the better life..! This is why they have political parties and NGOs..

    Outside these institutions, no one speaks solutions, but only frustration..! If someone is angry, should she/he express this as loud as she/he can; with no physical damage..! If someone has a solution, should she/he joins a Party, NGO, Public Forum, etc, where her/his solution is debated, scrutinized, then rejected or supported towards legislation or executive channels.. Everyone knows that once frustration is expressed, solutions are agreed, execution will take time.. A proven cycle of change.. If things are imminent; temporary swift actions to comfort, while the process of change is developed and regulated..

    The 21st century’s social media had created a sense of no parameters among cultures, places or events.. Yet advocates for no parameters for intellectual or political debates.. People used the chat rooms to exchange ideas, develop consensus, and promote for their own.. This is absolutely healthy if associated with true research merit, proven knowledge and a democratic code.. On the cyber world public or personal frustration is commonly shared, pains are widely alarmed, and change is initially advocated.. Again, the social manifesto plays a role: Discussing an idea is much different from creating one.. A person may discuss the whole universe in cyber chat rooms, but building up the case is solely by the text books.. This explains why paper book sales still high, despite the high cyber traffic in the Western hemisphere..

  2. In the 3rd world, people, and particularly the young ones spend their spare time in the chat rooms rather than the text books..? Paper book sales are so law to make publishing a loss business.. Despite the popularity of Wikipedia, About, Ask, etc.; the circulated information are just guidelines for further investigations, not conclusive materials on any subject.. But no one is keen to implement..Information becomes the junk-know similar to the junk-food..! The third world become a world of “Partial-Know”.. or a world of intellectual handicapped..!

    In addition; managing this enthusiastic cyber generation is never an easy task.. Accordingly, wider gap among generations was lately unfolded, with educators express their inability to communicate or share a consensus towards the common good.. The proven upgraded intellectual skills had tremendously raised higher the youngsters’ expectations, self confidence and vulnerability as well.. On parallel, their resilience and aspiration is always low, swiftly changeable and extreme.. The destruction or denounce of cultural referrals had allowed no third option but to make the break-through, or seek another path..!! The culture of quick win, go-getter and/or timely-fun had deformed their both public conformity and uniformity..

    When Mubarak announced through his VP stepping down; Egyptians, particularly the young had expressed unprecedented joy, energy and arrogance as well..! The protesting environment had created a common sense of desperation, unity and strength as a nation.. Therefore, euphoria was high, reaching the Egyptian skies.. There was no sense among Egyptian commentators, who mixed the joy with hysteria.. No political leadership was endorsed by protestors.. The so-called Committees of Wisdom had suddenly disappeared.. Political parties and NGOs vanished.. Army was lift alone to answer the big question.. Very few felt the agony of overwhelming emotion that had elevated the Egyptian events as superior to the French Revolution.. Some academics had called the event as dawn for the 2nd Egyptian Republic.. Many called it the best happening worldwide..!

  3. As I had explained in an earlier article; the major historical problem in Egypt is it mysterious inability to sustain its achievements.. Historical cycles of suppression, revolt, change, then dictatorship and so on, are frequent and systematically typical.. Egyptian public was never part of the driving forces, but fuel and audiences.. Political powers had always managed to create that gap between the ruling layers and the rest.. Their outstanding modern-time events in 1986, 1919, 1936, and 1952 were quickly seized by dynasties or formed new dynasties.. Sometimes, I can feel that Egypt never lost the feudalism as a cultural and political main pattern.. Maybe this is why the nation is torn between its heavy political heritage and the new enthusiastic aspirations..

    In Egypt 2011, the people are fully charmed by the fantasy of protest and resulted removal of Mubarak, rather than been idle by the arrogant process of solutions-making..! The power would not be smoothly and peacefully transferred, as the excessive sophisticated and contradicted talks are crippling the Army, which is currently the sole active power.. Egyptian had always been proud of their sense of humor, quick smart intuitions, and of-course implementations of “Fahlawah”.. If intellectual skills is solely accountable, the Tamil guys would be walking on Mars.. By statistics, they are the most brilliant minds on Earth.. Similarly and wonderfully, all news channels host incompetent Egyptian commentators.. It reminds me someone had once said: The "Dr" title makes wonders..! It is a regretful Arabic phenomenon; because they do not do it with non-Arabs..! In today’s world, no one would reinvent the wheel.. The Egyptians have to humbly understand their own stand, geopolitical surroundings and development attempts to draw their own road-map.. It is very slippery, as the ignited national arrogance would lead to serious pitfalls..! Who is who is their biggest question, and initial tension..!
    May Allah protect the innocent naive poor commons..!

    Now, all clocks are ticking along the Arab world..

  4. As poted to New Statesman
    This was very insightful analysis, despite comments and noises.. Always Egypt is the plus for Arab/Muslim nations, therefore, they are not only influenced by its developments, but indirectly play roles in accumulating the Egyptian critical mass.. Most of Arabs/Muslims has personal and cultural ties with Egypt, which unconsciously trade their own sociopolitics breakdowns with the Egyptian ones.. While, the major historical characteristic of Egypt; is its mysterious inability to sustain any political achievements.. As historical cycles of suppression, revolt, change, then dictatorship and so-on, are frequent and systematically typical.. The continuously imported syndromes from the surroundings had unnoticed fed Egyptian moods. On parallel, Egyptian public was never part of the driving forces, but fuel and audiences.. Therefore, no wonder the events of Jan 2011 did not have a leadership, and probably will not conceive one.. Why?? Egyptian political powers, including MB; had always maintained that gap between the rulers and the commons.. Educated aiming-high Egyptians will consume all their skills not to cross the economic gap, but the political one.. Egyptian modern-time events in 1986, 1919, 1936, and 1952 were quickly seized by dynasties or newly-formed dynasties.. Sometimes, you can feel that Egypt never lost the 7000 years feudalism as a main cultural and political pattern.. Maybe this is why the nation is torn between its heavy political heritage and the new enthusiastic aspirations..