Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Study of Aesthetics..

Among Beauty, Nudity, and Pornography great divides..

Our preceptions of Aesthetics and Perfections are contradictives, yet a guage of how we are..

The perceptions of any viewer of such a brilliant photograph are much driven by her/his structured culture, intelligence and moral systems.. Notably, the early study of aesthetics would relief and purify the people from all earthy, materialistic or physical accumulations, while not changing the actual attribution of the subject matter.. This is how the Art had grown and prospered in many places.. This is how the physical desires of some people would ignite by a simple controversial exposure..

Adding to this, the fact that our perception of concepts is very much attached and driven by attributes.. Almost no one would realize how totally nude this female is..!!
Simply, Nudity is sort of perfection, while beauty is unlimited to shape..
Certainly, there is no way to find a pornographic  element as well, unless the viewer is absolutely mental or Psycho..!!

I do thank all intellectual friends who shared the beauty within..


  1. We should call for proper and intensive universal education of Aesthetics to be delivered to all kids, pupils and students.. It should be a genuine part in all mass media programs.. Aesthetics is the only civilized way to fight and defeat ugliness, hatred and intolerance.. It is the sole way to observe and recognize God/Allah swt.. It is the hidden theme in our Mankind legacy.. It is the proper manner to manage politics, competition and even doing business..

  2. Ekhoi Adam..
    This is a great statement on how you are free from all inherited stigmas and taboos.. Progress only comes with defeating the illogic norms, and create a different outlook of our endeavors..
    Have a great day Brave-Man..