Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Globe of Fires..

During the last 20 years; I had noticed how the people become alert towards their religions (Precisely and correctly religious affiliations).. It is not a matter of getting religious, but fanatic and zealous..

People intentionally use religious attributes (France had banned in 2010); hysterically fest in their traditional occasions, and read extensively on religious verdicts of Crusades (Crusades generally means religious wars, not Christian ones)..!!

I have lots of doubts on the attached Indian map, as how it is illogic, yet understands the linkage between Diwali and Hinduism.. This is no different form Niqab (An ancient Indian custom, which Muslims had mysteriously liked), notable Cross-necklaces (A custom created by the Hippies in times of European uncertainties), or Influential Buddhist cults (The famous providers of alternate mysticism)..

It is on parallel turns violent, with Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Tamil, Jewish and Taoist extremists.. Taoist were replaced by Chinese mafia, while only Buddhists don’t acknowledge the justifications of violence, but everyone else does..

I’m not sure how future would look like..
Maybe instead of the lights across India and the globe, it would be fires..!!

Caption: India at night, satellite view. This image is a composite showing the change in illumination over India from 1992-2003. Satellite data from 2003 is coloured red, 1998 is coloured green and 1992 is blue. The three data sets are composited to form the image. Nighttime lights on the map that are white are lights that were present throughout the entire period. Areas that are marked by red have only appeared in 2003. Areas coloured green and blue were only present in 1998 and 1992 respectively but are no longer visible. This image was created by the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP), National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, USA.

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