Thursday, October 6, 2011

In the Name of Islam..!

Don’t miss Sky’s vedio, below..

Mr Kadyrov had built a replica of Sh Zayed Rd of Dubai
Paid Vanessa Mae 300,000 pounds to perform..
When asked about source of money; said from Allah..
He had closed the lavish celebrations, chanting: Allahu Akbar..!

8:51am UK, Thursday October 06, 2011
Amanda Walker, Sky Russia correspondent

Ramzan Kadyrov, the self-styled warrior king of Chechnya, has enjoyed multimillion-pound birthday celebrations complete with Hollywood actors and superstar musicians.
The lavish party also marked 193 years since the founding of the Russian republic's capital, Grozny, which was ravaged by two wars with Russia.

Mr Kadyrov, a devout Muslim, counts former boxing champion Mike Tyson and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as friends and is an admirer of sports cars and gold-plated weapons.
No expense was spared as he relished the opportunity to show the world how far his republic has come since its war-torn days or, more pertinently, since he took charge.
A bizarre mix of Hollywood stars added glitz to the ritzy celebrations.
After strutting his stuff on stage, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme made his feelings for the Chechen warlord clear: "I love you Mr Kadyrov, I love you all in my heart."

Oscar-winner Hilary Swank gushed further tributes: "This is my first time in Grozny. I love to travel, I love to see the world, I love to see different cultures, so really, truly from me, this is a great honour to learn more about you and your country and what you're building. And happy birthday Mr President."
Violinist Vanessa Mae reportedly received £320,000 for her performance at the event.
Mr Kadyrov's men had touted Shakira as a potential performer but he then said human rights groups changed her mind.

The provocative singer was perhaps an odd choice for a leader who praises men for attacking women who do not wear headscarves.
Shocking mobile phone footage from 2010 showed Chechen men shooting women with paintball guns as they walked down the street for not wearing traditional dress.
Instead of condemning the attacks, Mr Kadyrov hailed them.
The Kremlin-backed leader of the Russian republic has a fearsome reputation. His personal militia of thousands permeates Chechen society with fear.

More mobile phone footage from 2006, passed around by the perpetrators, showed suspected adulterer Malika Soltayeva having her head and eyebrows shaved before being forced to strip and then beaten.
She was then seen being kicked around in the street and made to dance - not by a local gang, but by policemen.
A glossy veneer of fireworks and laser displays during the celebrations was supposed to show how far Chechnya has come but, for many, the war has not truly ended.
Ekaterina Sokiryanskaya, from the Russian human rights group Memorial, said: "The Chechnya conflict has not been resolved, it has been suppressed.

"We think that, instead of making these very expensive and grandiose shows in order to improve its image, it would be much better to restore the rule of law."
Mr Kadyrov said the money to stage such an event comes from Allah - in reality it comes from the Kremlin.
The cash is clearly abundant enough for Hollywood endorsements, which many feel are the last things this still troubled region needs.

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