Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a wild world..!

The same media machine; which had created the justifications for shocking Pearl Harbor, adventurous Cold War, disgraceful Nam-war, cub-alike communist Afghanistan, stubborn Iran, confusing 9/11, executed Saddam Hussein, beaten Euro Zone, resilient Hamas, faded Darfur, destructed Somalia, and lately the dizzy Arab Spring; is the same taking over the emotions of both Occupy and 99% of USA; to be replaced by a hidden counter initiative by the Capitalist Lobbyists..!

Capitalism is much much much much much bigger to fall..!!
($ 180,000,000,000,000 value of global assets excluding opex)
Capitalism in not evil, but the principle motivation for human activity.. It is the people who turn it ugly.. If a correction is needed, it is in the system we had carelessly invented to protect the interests of some few against the 99%..
The same brilliant techniques, smart visual & audio effectives, wizard script creators, amazing art directors and ultra professional executive producers.. It is an industry no particular “Goddess” to worship; but the ivory professionalism and astronomical earnings..!!
I condemn no one for being misled by these mass media communiqués..
I feel pity for who would build dreams on advocated visual realities; developed by guru technicians, behavior analysts and psychology simulations..
It is a bigger game than everyone, apart from who play it or pay for it..!
I only recall the oldie of Yusuf Islam or Cat Steven: “It's a wild world..!!”


  1. I was following a Facebook debate between Arabs and Americans on the matter..

    Arabs driven by their emotional Spring and enthusiasm for revolutionary justice.. Americans driven by their mature set of priorities and believe in US-Inc..

    Very interesting these clashing forms of Intellegencia..!!

    Try search for “COINTELPRO” at

  2. May all the pitfalls are curable, except the epistemic structuring..

    When someone thinks, expresses, debates without a rational reference or an “intellectual road-map”; certainly s/he is heading to the ugly fruitless unknown..!!

    Schooling and academic systems are all-about logically systemizing the way of thinking and performing, in order to avoid wasting the indispensible time and energy for nonsense..

    It seems; in the 3rd world, we have plenty of time and energy more than everyone else on this planet..!!

  3. I can't help it..

    Whenever I confront downgraded argument, I remember one sentence: Avoid Boring People..

    It was controversial title from a controversial; yet great scientist; who had related stupidity and beauty to genetic illnesses..!!