Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupay: An Attempt to Understand..

It had started with the (Finance Managers) structuring a bigger and wider role, equivalent to the sums of moneys they process daily. (Multinational and Cross-border Companies) did not satisfy both greed and hanger for wealth. Brilliantly; CAPEX were subdivided into (IPOs), for the founders to restore their investments, reduce their risks and widen the base with many smaller shareholders (The 1%). The shares bought by (Sovereign and Pension Funds) had added virtual and practical powers; making the Corporates bigger than failure. On parallel, the (Financial Products) were effectively created to accelerate the wealth making and fortune cooking. During the last 10 years, everything around was applauding the (Apprentices); who are capable to succeed despite the moral attachments. The early alarm was triggered in early 2000th, with the astonishing collapse of (Enron), but no one could figure the (Octopus) within the financial system. The league of financial centers employs (Physicists, Mathematicians and Psychologists) to master their Products and Clients. Finance became too complex to understand, unless a (Financial Expert) is hired. Within the formula of (Capital, Debt and Interest); our humane future was already merchandized and traded..!!
Therefore, the economic confusion is a product of people not the system.. It is a conflict of policies not governance.. It is principally, a (moral) meltdown, not a macro-economic.. Certainly, it came down to the ingredients of practice; which no reform would be able to address.. We may suggest techniques to enhance instrumental performance, control and audit; but no way to rule intentions, personal integrity and professional mind games..
In this issue; there is no demise between Rightdoing and Wrongdoing..!!
Therefore, (Occupy) does not provide answers, but screams that (maybe) would echo within the ears and the consciousness of those in financial control..
When (Islamic Bonds or Sukuks) had been introduced, they effectively shock the financial markets.. Yet, the model did not receive the adequate promotion and support, despite how it changes the framework of all categories of business worldwide..
It changes the roles of the game; to be in favor of the true beneficiaries not the managers.. Now; the financial professionals who read the above are furious.. I do not blame them.. Just asking them to review the wisdom of their professional forefathers..
Does it worth applaud or scrutinize..?

This is an answer and a road map from a non-Financial Professional..

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  1. The regretful problem lays within the great number of sincere, energetic and enthusiastic young women and young men, who did not read history, did not knit the strings and nor believe that the older generations may have views or solutions worth listen-to or give-a-try..!!

    This epistemic gap is serious for their own future, as no solution will be based on good faith, but on reliable mechanism for performance and control..

    Within that inevitable web of bureaucracy and processing, all questions, answers and solutions are solely entrenched waiting..!!