Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seducing Rumi..!

Audio is critical to feel the poem below..!!

A murmuring flow of words
as I sit on the bench.
They whisper,
I know you.

It is a drop of poison in the king's ear,
racking the house of the Danes, bringing all
labors to an end.

What air is this I breathe?
What stones do I walk on?
The world is left behind.
Layers are peeled away.

This is a madness, a Lethe I drink.
Falling from the wings of a sparrow
I am frozen on your page.
Close the book and I shall be crushed.

Certainty lies in promises and
judgment in a caress.

Seducing Rumi

From a post by my dear friend, Adam Aba-Husain
For me; it is the amazing discovery of arguable and contradictable concepts within everything, despite the moral appreciation or denouncement we may practice..!

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