Monday, October 24, 2011

They are not kids anymore..

(Thanks to Kathleen Wells)
A friend expresses her worries on how this kid is terrorized..

I see it;

The history always repeats itself..
Lessons Learned are never easy applicable; despite the false claims..
We can't realize how to practice justice or appropriation of actions..
We have deformed genes when it comes to fairness and equality..!

Don’t worry; they are not terrorized anymore..
Neither they are kids anymore..

If they are not the potential terrorists for tomorrow..
If they will not breed and bring-up the terrorists of tomorrow..
They inevitably will have a very dark vision of their world.. !!

Just get ready; we shall have to share their world..!


  1. Adil, thanks for the attribution. This is painful -- children being terrorized. It's difficult to see and the consequences of these actions, hard to imagine.

  2. Propaganda bullshit!!