Thursday, October 6, 2011

US Spring

To who wishes to understand, and make a stand:
US Occupy movement is unlike Arabic Spring ones..

In USA; 99% of the banners are made by the protesters themselves..
in Arabia, 99% are made by undeclared organizers/fund raisers..!!

Is there any clue within..?

Arabs were driven by (the conventionally exaggerated) patriotic collective causes; while the Americans openly declare their (culturally motivated) pragmatic individual causes..

Arabic Spring will only and truly be; when the people freely express their own views; not being proxy tools for political and wealth fictions..

What was experienced throughout the Arab World since dawn of 2011; was multiple chaotic reflections of decades of confusions, frustrations and mistrust..
A compiled histories of unrealistic wishes and unfaithful leaders..
A Systematic drain of public appeal and agony..

Adding to these; external powers and lobbies of interest; who holds the key dynamics for local politics and mass-structuring..

The said resilience is just efforts from typical mass media professionals..
Stability, Confidence and reliability of governing systems are a far catch targets for very innocent and certainly naïve people..!!

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