Saturday, November 19, 2011

Counting the Hours...!

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi is Captured
How many hours are left for his breathes..?

Many need him silent and takes the secrets he knows to his grave..
It is not a choice, but a necessity for World Order..!

Like Father.. Like Son..
Both are bloody nuts..!

Many.. Many.. Beyond any expectations or analysis; share the desire and conspiracy to get rid of the last Gaddafi..
A family who had extended their wealth, imaginations and hands from Chili to Philippines..
A family cursed by ambition and disarray..

A family is labeled by death..!!

When Gaddafi:
Suddenly lost his proposed mentor; Nasser..
Lost it by the nasty Saddat’s media campaign..
Unprepared listened to all European Philosophers..
Became a freak toy for all Spy Agencies..
Aimlessly conspired with each Tom, Deck and Harry, across the universe..
His wealth became more than His plans to use..
The thousands of opponents vanished with no trace..
His barbaric soldiers raped every female in Misratah.. with no exception of age, state or status..
Forgot how his fellow Libyans don't get intimidated by Death..!!

Gaddafi is a great lesson to be learned..!

Cutting the famous Finger..

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