Thursday, November 24, 2011

India Got Talent..!!

They are the Sikh Worriors..
This is a martial art not a talent..!

The interesting question:
Whom they are pareparing hard to fight..?


  1. Adam Aba-Husain:
    I was thinking the judges couldn't eliminate/ press the x button out of cultural sensitivity/ preventing a riot from taking place/ boycott!

    As you might already know, they, Sikhs, were Muslims prior to their 11 messenger. To my understanding the 12 imam, with the help of the Brits, diverted/ created what we know now as Sikh/ism.

    Who are they preparing themselves to fight?

  2. It is wierd to get prepared for man-to-man fight/war; unless religiously motivated and driven..
    Some claimed to be against Muslims, other spoke on minority syndrome..
    Anyway, it is unaccept for men to walk armed with hidden small daggers..!