Friday, November 4, 2011

Sino-Japanese Hard-Talk..

While the power is shifting away, my outspoken (A/Conditioned & Internet-Wired) folks still debating on how to remove AlBasheer and his "Inqaz" regime..!
While my poor helpless People out there; are short of breathe to revolt, almost short of dreams to live.. and certainly short of resources to decisively act..
If I'd have the authority, shall shut down all mass media instruments..Shall only allow the naive protests and the unplanned armed coups.. as always Sudan used to..!!

Should the people stop listening or thinking.. and helplessly fight for the life..?

From an expat at A/C study-room..!!!!!!!!!!

Japan approved a plan Nov. 1 to dispatch 200 Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces engineers to South Sudan in January, with an additional 300 to be sent later. Part of a five-year U.N. nation-building mission, the engineers will help build roads and bridges in and around the newly independent country’s capital, Juba.

The deployment represents a continuation of Japan’s efforts to expand the overseas missions of the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF), currently experiencing increased domestic support, beyond disaster relief, anti-piracy and humanitarian initiatives. The move into South Sudan may also signal a renewed effort to gradually reintroduce JSDF operations into strategic foreign policy initiatives — in this case, energy security. If it manages to secure a stronger foothold in South Sudan, Japan will be better positioned to deal with Chinese influence in the tumultuous Sudanese-South Sudanese oil industry framework.

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