Friday, November 11, 2011

The Spousal Meter..

Life is never smooth, simple or easy as how it was few decades ago.. Our complex urban and intelligent evolutions had brought lots of chaotic realities.. Mostly, we live the denial, not because we are embarrassed to admit the deteriorations in our spousal life, but because we can’t define it; within our busy complicated schedules.. Most of divorce cases are sudden blow-ups.. This facts are shared worldwide, beyond the boundaries of skin, tongue or religion.. I’m not personally immune, nor free from such chaos..!

The below table is my summarized experience about spousal life.. It would help to tell how much happy you are.. Where are the potential spousal risks; which would grow or evolve.. What truly drives you closer or apart from your Spouse..

I believe in the simple things that would often be ignored when everything is fine, yet they are the devils that would turn anything into discomfort and ugliness..

It will help you to understand your Spouse, as well as to understand how life evolves between the two of you..

certainly it has nothing to do with your childern or family, as it is strictly yours..!
Once you define the problem; you may innovate the creative solutions..!

Maybe it is an individual exercise, rather than a plural one.. Yet, it made sense to me..!

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