Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tokyo Tackles Trash..

Waste Management is the most seriously growing and unresolved problem worldwide. Despite the strong concerns and allocated researches; efforts are unlikely successful in plural terms. Environmental sustainability inevitably dictates universal solutions for the global hazard. Unless collective and integrated actions are carried out; independent success stories may don’t worth to mention..!

One of the very basic hurdles is the disturbing absence of correct and precise data on generation, management and disposal of waste. Some countries are urbanely sophisticated, with comprehensive data and transparency for researches and creative ideas. Others who are mostly urbanely challenged have no data and obstacle any sincere attempts to define the problem. However, the recent agreed strategy is not the ways of disposal, but the ideas to minimize. This is very much related to culture, behavior and righteous bureaucracy.

Certainly, within the chaos among underdeveloped nations, western contractors would come with eloquent proposals, which address the features not the core. Blame would only charge public servants, mass media and (so-called) intelligentsia, who had timely failed to surface the correct issues and closed both eyes from their own inability and pitfalls..!

The below tables indicate annually per capita; 780kg and 400kg for both USA & Japan, compared to 230kg and 438kg for both Egypt & UAE..
Personally I know how Dubai’s 555kg plan had failed to re-set the generation of 1,028kg, while in Egypt accuracy and comprehension of data are widely questioned..!!


  1. Being away from the Sudan for too long, had isolated me from the updates there.. However, if the data are only available on Khartoum, no comment can be established, but the political blues...!!

  2. Maybe we should touch the ground with this cuz those elites are nothing but rats in tuxedos and armored rides :s
    Moonfleet Eldai

  3. I guess the most seriously disturbing and back-warding elites are the ones how are eloquent and holds degrees.. Politicians never claim catching the skies, but the intelligentsia often and notoriously does..!!
    As said by our folks: “A Pen can’t erase Dumbness..”