Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Demographic Statistics

The Unemployment

My Friend, Mohd Fudzail, had posted on the demographic formulas between Palestinians and Israelis.. I replied..

The demographic statistics had driven the 1985 strategies of Arab Israeli conflict.. Thanks to the Egyptians, who ironically had outlined that case at that time.. Today, after more than 25 years, almost a generation, Arabs had not proven innovative to take such approach for deeper and fruitful horizons.. Instead; they had forgot the formula which had once shock the Jewish State..

Today, realities are much different..
Not only topped by 2 million Palestinians who accepted the Israeli citizenship and dropped their forefathers’..
Another 5 million Palestinians had abandoned the cause and try the best to settle wherever they are now (This was part of Madrid initiative, which formally drooped; not practically..!).
A 1.5 million suffocated in the crowded Gaza, with no way to release the pressure unless they withdraw their support to Hamas..
On parallel, the cause is getting soften, while most of the field commandors of armed militias had been killed.. while who are left; are in great fear for their own lives..

Only the peace-adopted West Bank is left , where global political support is guaranteed to PLO and PA; who had earlier understood the formulas of global politics..

It is an issue of few NOs from each side, which all attempts are packed to sort out.. (

Despite all cautions, I do not address the religious code of the conflict.. Not for not realizing, but for the inevitable decline in faith at both sides.. It is religiously disconnected, apart from some (practically relaxed away from the battle fields) Muslim or Jewish voices, who live sacred dreams or wishful prophecies of time..!

My Friend.. People are just people.. with simple (global) dreams to live and enjoy living, regardless which flag or ID they carry..
This is the naked reality of today's life..

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