Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Disgraced ONE.. True or False..?

Where and who is that disgraced Egyptian woman.. The ONE..
Egyptian Craziness
الآن ، وبعد أن أستوفى الجميع مرادهم من ذم أو قدح ، من هى هذه الفتاة ، وآين هى الآن ، وهل نطقت بشهادتها عما حدث..؟

This is another one, not the famous disgraced ONE.. She was in jeans and dark jaket.. However the post tells how the media has no integrity as compiles both in one.. The truth is lost or hidden..!

Another one.. She was nearby but Not the ONE..!

Almost there.. He had the last hand holding hers in the famous clip..
Why no focus on her, despit Clinton's statement, Newspapers and TV Clips world wide.. Some mystery is there..!!

I wonder, why Yossry Foudah; who had built his journalistic reputation in addressing the mysteries.. why he did not try to trace her..?

This is another one, who was in red jaket, near by the ONE..
Another contradictive point of view on making-up the famous video..!!

What is True.. What is False..?


  1. "The woman attacked by the military in the recent protests has declined to come forward, so for now she is only known as "blue bra girl." But her mistreatment seems to be a galvanizing force.."




  5. While images and stories of women's-rights abuses are not hard to find, Kenny Irby, senior faculty for visual journalism at the Poynter Institute, says the image has become an icon for the sexist and brutal use of military power because "the frame captures the horror of excessive abuse which has elevated its status."

    But beyond the brutality, Irby says, "it has an aesthetic punctuation that is the blue bra."

  6. Blue-Bra Egyptian Girl as Modern Day Hypatia
    Posted on December 22, 2011 by Mustapha
    A fascinating and uncanny analogy between the now famous Egyptian female demonstrator and Pharaonic Egypt’s Hypatia:

  7. Adil Abdalla Could the Girl in the Blue Bra Bring Down Egypt’s Military?