Sunday, December 18, 2011

Failing a State..!

These are extractions from a post made a year ago; January 2011.. and stills valid..

In any country, there are always and typically two images: the formal institutional one, and the commons’ other.. One exercise the complex art of ruling and governing; while the other practice the life with constraints of time, place and resources.. One is usually unknown to the commons; yet motivates their desire to join and enjoy the powers of office; while the other is known by everyone; yet has no control on administration, politics or sovereignty.. One never sympathizes with anyone, unless there is a gain; while the other is a simple living human being..!!

Roles are never mixed between the two, unless the country proven politically immature or culturally deformed.. Some good-wishers hope to join both; but reality of practice tells the inevitable separation.. Some ill-wisher advocate the synergy, while knowing the fuses within their false claims.. At the end, the simple commons pay the heavy price of both supporting or resisting..!!

Egyptian Syndrome

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