Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Muslim Politicians..

I dream of a day, when the due diligence will be a parallel companion for all what we do.. When no time is wasted to affirm an action, or verify a statement..
I dream of a day, when Muslims would value and elevate the morals of simple truth..

Many media materials are only produced to heat up and energize the commons, with no vision or agenda for what's beyond.. The call for “Get Prepared” is magical and appealing, which most Muslim officers don’t fully understand or taste.. Regretfully, it is just replicas of similar gearing up techniques used by Zionists, Nazis and Communists.. It was only the Arabs, now it is the Muslims too; who do not read history..!

Ok, Muslims became enthusiastic and energetic; what's next..?
There is no answer..!
Just fragmented phrases about the Disbelievers, the Dooms Day and the Afterlife..
Nothing about Today’s Life, Strives, Challenges and Miseries..!
Islamists often use unglued and contradictive mosaics of cultural slogans..
Traveler’s marriage, Breast-feed colleagues, Home use high heels, Using a transit, Domestics with in-laws, Niqab controversy, Salaried wife, etc.
A flood of interpretations on how Muslims are sexually driven and sillinessly addicted..!!

Once the Arab Spring's debate was launched on “The Islamic Legitimacy of Opposing the Lord”, people were disarrayed in all directions without guide or track..!
(Lord means Head of State not God..!!)

The Bottom Line: the bloody history of “Muslim Politicians” had only managed to create Muslim herds rather than regions..

Islam became a socioeconomic struggle rather than an epistemic realization.. A materialistic competition rather than a moral assertiveness.. A narrow vision for earthy life rather than a wider one for the infinity..
 Most Muslims are missing the point..
What's our mission and destined targets..?
It is not fighting the people of Scriptures, but Satan..
It is not building Empires, but Faith..
It is not Me or You, but Us..
It is not anything, but Allah swt..

Simple word in a text would change the impact on a receiver..

I think this worth to be said, while the “Flood” of preaching materials target our already-confused and poor awareness..
Be ready for the upcoming Egyptian Media “Tsunami”, once the outdated Muslims will ride on top of the mighty and resourceful Egyptian government..!!

Hopefully they will start with experts to change their ugly stereo image as horrible looking and scary individuals..!!

(A Muslim Politician is anyone who will have the tools, means or opportunities to affect or influence the Muslim community, and been authorized or rewarded for it.. Certainly it is applicable beyond the specific definitions..)


  1. Omar Thiab

    I agree and disagree with you Adil. I agree with you if we use these videos or statements as evidence to prove that we are correct and we are in the right track.. we are not waiting for a judge in England to convert to Islam to tell me that... I’m right.. and definitely didn’t wait for a popular signer to convert to Islam to believe that our prophet is “real”… but disagree with you about the reason behind publishing such clips..
    I don’t care if she is a senior or junior judge in small or big town.. in UK or US.. this is not the point.. it’s about the “Moment of Truth”… what made her and others dig deep in a solid ground to find the water? What made them convinced that Islam is the Truth? Listen to them and you will find that we , who born as Muslims, miss a lot of what they have discovered in our religion.. the sole of Islam. We are not fighting the people.. we are not building empires.. we are not alone.. I agree with you if you think that we do so…!

  2. "The moment of Truth" is the all about.. Being auditable in deeds, speechs and intentions (if possible).. It is about evolving the Muslims into knowledgeables rather than being passive recipients..

  3. Omar Thiab
    so.. back to your question... what next??

  4. I should continue the good night sleep..
    "The Fit'nah" is asleep, be damned who would awake it..!!

  5. The historical Egyptian media legacy, multiplied by all new media professionals and technicians, will shortly open the recruitment of massive campaigns and channels to “Islamize” the universe..!!
    No matter what an Islamic vision they have, as far as called Islamic; anyways..!
    I guess it is not worth living it..!!

  6. Omar Thiab
    Knowledge can't be Fitnah if we have how to deliver and receive..

  7. Elfatih Abdelghafour
    Uztaz Adil sometimes deep down inside I feel happy with such historical changes even if they bring unwanted consequences .This in particularly applies to third world politics and specifically the idea of a change driven by religious sentim...ents and yearning for past experiences of the glorious old days when it is based on rhetoric and mere speculation .What I mean by that ,let the nations of the Middle East experience what it means living under repressive regimes whose ideologies are founded on restricting human creativity and freedom on the ground of the one and only holy laws and regulation ,and who advocate the use of punishment with no respect to human will and dignity under the assumption of them being the chosen and the advocates of the ultimate values and virtue .The reason Iam saying that ,is not because of a masochistic enjoyment ,but because of the intractable and chronic disorder deeply seated in our attitude towards finding our way out and establishing a free and democratic systems to stick to.Let them have it and reach the point of change experienced by million Iranians ,Afghan and Sudanese who felt the pain of the whip and inhaled the air of terror in a day to day basis and chosen to fled their countries or succumb to the existing conditions .Then after a long and painful experience we may hope that these nations would learn the value of moderation ,tolerance and freedom. Egyptian people will learn a good lesson with unfortunate consequences like losing their leading role in en lighting the whole Middle East with their free thinking artist ,writers ,researchers and their contribution to art, films, literature ,tourism ,socio-politics ,etc.This sum of human creativity will not and can not breath and thrive under non-democratic value system .

  8. Dear AlFatih.. Despite how much I agree on the necessity of private and local experiences to build up and elevate the public epistemia.. I feel lots of worries on the regional, and particularly Sudanese, implications from the dramatic developments of the new Political Islam.. My wishful hopes for logical urban transition and gradual sociopolitical progress were viciously smashed on the plaque of immature Arab Spring..!! My heart feels the pain on the price our simple and humble people would pay for the pitfalls of their own intelligentsia.. Appropriately; the inevitable cycle of political maturity..

  9. Elfatih Abdelghafour ‎
    "the inevitable cycle of political maturity." by this you have said it all dear Adil . We need evolution not revolution .revolution is just a piece of the puzzle in the jigsaw game of evolution .

  10. I hope Adil that our Muslim politician must wake from dreams and stop thinking about their self and their kids and companions and friends. and see what is happening all around. what those people need to whom they are responsible . aren't they care what will they answer after death to ALLAH how they can answer how many people killed during their rule period. May ALLAH guide them all and hoping they will act on Learn Quran online

  11. Dear Friend.. Salaam Allah..
    I do share with you the sincerity of your Dua', hoping that a day would come and no further comparison take place, on how Muslims are immature, incompetent or confusing.. Regretfully, the unfortunate political establishments across most of the Muslim world are inefficient or sound enough to produce health political breed.. The task is remarkable huge to restore order or develop a code of conduction.. Yet, I'm sure that Allah swt will enable the goodness to rule and change the realities into better ones, to honor his Deen and Believers..
    Thanks for your comment, yet would love to get to know you more, appreciating the efforts on your WebPages, and the simply peaceful and righteous message you and your colleagues sending thru.. I'd love to contribute if there is an opportunity..
    Take care..