Friday, December 16, 2011

Colored Occupy..

Despite the millions of people of color; who had lived the bitter past and present.. Their share in shaping the future is minimal and almost untraceable (only 1.6%)..

Some spoke of the inherited mistrust with Caucasians, some described the unaffordable vacancy to protest (hence a person would need to take days or weeks off, without pay), but I think they are incapable to set their selves free.. Emancipating their own hearts and minds.. Most of the color barriers are currently created, amplified and sustained by the people of color themselves..

I do not believe in the existence of any epistemic, cultural of political bonds between African Americans and other Africans.. The same applies to all people of color who had been raised up in the North West, far from their traditional heritage places.. The myths on ethnic unity or skin-bond are further proven false..
The civilized gap shows dramatic distance between the two streams of peoples of the world.. Who had structured their knowledge, and who did not..!

This is why, Living the tough times is one thing.. Visioning the change is another..

Many would easily taste the agony rather than the joy.. Therefore there are many Psychiatrists and Gurus.. “Kojors” and Journalists as well..!

Since the civilization winds had sailed North West; it is not distended to sail back East..

(Kojor is the traditional rain maker and healer in Southern Sudan)

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