Friday, December 30, 2011

Sudanese Law of Public Order (Article 152)

The demise between civilized and barbaric societies is very much related to their perception, interpretation and implementation of law and order

I had stopped following up the ill-innovations of this regime.. Similarly, lost any faith on the operatives of opponent political fictions.. They all share the guilt and the blame.. For long; our intellectuals had ignored establishing real epistemic framework, which would dignify our national principles.. Instead, they copy-cat abroad models and their luxurious debates, while advocating that Sudan is Distinct..!! They simply had wasted our time and resources.. (I’m guilty too)

I'm sorry to be pessimistic, but I'm strategist not a politician.. When decay spread, not a single bill, law, plan, program, person or a tribe is enough to rectify the massive shear of deterioration and destruction.. I doubt that there is a real public appetite for revolution.. Why? Shall the people revolute against themselves? Both decay and rotten spirits had invaded our souls, hearts, homes and families..!!

We need to be more pragmatic and practical; to avoid the irrational wishes of tomorrow.. and copy-cat their mean tactics; by destroying the very foundations of the system.. Epistemia (including October), Administration (increasing ill-productivity) and People (enabling the Questioning Devils)..

How? Utilizing mass media and social networks to spread the suspicions on both system and regime.. Why? Majority of our naïve commons still believe in it (a typical Psycho/Sociopolitical Phenomenon), or don't care about such eloquent political ivory talk...!!

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  1. Elfatih Abdelghafour:
    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ADIL.IT IS VERY RARE THAT YOU SEE A SUDANESE POLITICIAN OR AN EXPERT ON TV PROVIDES A CONCISE ,ACCURATE AND PRAGMATIC ARGUMENT TO SUPPORT CERTAIN CASE OR ISSUE .WE ALWAYS HAVE THIS WEIRD "TOUCHY FEELY" approach that swings between what we should do and what others want us to do.A state of mental paralysis ,incompetence and shying of facing reality.For instance we have a lawyer in this discussion ,who is knowledgeable as it seems on laws and regulations and presumably on HUMAN RIGHTS laws which are universal and any state should comply with ,but still he shied of openly condemning the status quo in a manner that would make it clear that these laws are incompatible with basic human rights any time any where .instead he spoke about why they were implemented by INGAZ when they came ,as if there was a justification for that at some stage.The question remains :are we by any means a nation that our local culture ,diversity and unique social structure ,allow for restrictive religious laws to be enforced ?Are these laws applicable ,technically implementable in our country without hindering our already slow progress ?

  2. Well said Alfatih.. In my activity times, I used to call it: Intellectual Schizophrenia.. When the divide is freakily great between what a person says, and does.. (All types of gender based behavior, too many to spell..!)
    The demise between civilized and barbaric societies is very much related to their perception, interpretation and implementation of law and order..
    These are the roots of all endeavors and pitfalls..
    They are products of historical journey, not any change event..
    Products of life time, not an armed revolution..
    This is the hard-to-solve cracks among civilizations..
    It is a global worry.. Sudan is a magnifier case, the 1st to be ruled by Political-Islamists.. Presumably will be the 1st to remove them.. Hopefully..!!