Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Not Diffecult..

By Shaza Zahran

To make a woman happy, a man only needs to be:
1. a Friend
2. a Companion
3. a Lover
4. a Brother
5. a Father
6. a Master
7. a Chef
8. an Electrician
9. a Carpenter
10. a Plumber
11. a Mechanic
12. a Decorator
13. a Stylist
14. a Sexologist
15. a Gynaecologist
16. a Psychologist
17. a Pest exterminator
18. a Psychiatrist
19. a Healer
20. a Good listener
21. an Organiser
22. a Godfather
23. a Very-Clean
24. a Sympathetic
25. an Athletic
26. an Warm
27. an Attentive
28. a Gallant
29. an Intelligent
30. a Funny
31. a Creative
32. a Tender
33. a Strong
34. an Understanding
35. a Tolerant
36. a Prudent
37. an Ambitious
38. a Capable
39. a Courageous
40. a Determined
41. a True
42. a Dependable
43. a Passionate
44. Give her compliments regularly.
45. Love shopping.
46. Be honest.
47. Be very rich.
48. Not stress her out.
49. Not look at other girls.
50. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself.
51. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself.
52. Give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes.
53. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to never forget:*Birthdays Anniversaries* arrangements she makes

 معقول سعادة المرأة صعبة لهذه الدرجة ؟ رحم الله الشيخ فرح ود تكتوك ، الظاهر يا شذا امرأتك
 هذه هى الجميلة المستحيلة
 heheheh Mohamed, your shaikh is totally guilty of over simplifying women needs !!! he only listed two isn't he!! food and the other one is related to state security

I guess the syndrome of She-He had spread by global media and culture communications, rather than a true evolution of community epistemic order.. This is no different from lots of the physiochemical ingredients of today’s world.. Women and ...Men are simpler than such complex feasibility driven taboos.. Otherwise, civilization would not grow.. as people would invest most of their time “securing” their national interests.. !!

Mohamed Ayoub Fadlallah
تحياتى استاذ عادل ، اعدت الى ذاكرتى الطيب صالح وحوارات شخصياته فى موسم الهجرة الى الشمال ، كانت محاولة مبكرة لكسر هذا الحاجز او التابوه ، وما يدعو للغرابة ان الناس هنا استقبلوها بحفاوة ولكنهم احتفظو بال (state security ) اللى قالت عليه شذا ، فأثر الثقافة او التابوهات لا يزال قويا ويبدو باينا حتى فى تعليقى هذا ، هى فعلا معركة تحتاج الى قدر كبر من العقلانية و الشجاعة والسند فثمة سيوف مشرعة منذ قرون فى انتظار مثل هذا الخروج

Egypt; A year on..

Almost a year on; since the outset of Mubarak’s role in Egypt, yet the new political structures and governmental systems of the country are either incomplete or unborn.. As usual and by the momentum; the Egyptian Spring had invaded the media; despite how the concurrent events in Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Syria were more dramatic and critical.. It is a demographic weight of 81 million against 10, 6, 23 and 21 million respectively.. Many people underestimated the demographic factors when talking about street demonstrations, media production and/or economic implications.. However, the global media was notably fascinated with Tunisian eloquent voting, Libyan fierce fire powers, Yemeni stubborn protest and Syrian stunning bloodshed.. Perspectives of new Arabic order or Civic prosperity were not the hot media attractions..

Despite the historical magnitude and experience of Egyptian public administration; the technocrats had taken over the country.. This breed which had been created and incubated during the last 30 years, with majority of localized immature visions and immoral personalized practices had mastered public skeptics, debates and events.. Gray-Hair (the standard veterans) were not welcomed nor capable to illustrate their 3rd route.. Developing such “Young” revolution carries contradictive attributes: Attempting reaching the skies (Rainbow) and/or Fighting virtual enemies (Don Quixote).. Once the floor is free from wisdom of actions or rationale of practice; “Chaos” is the interpretation and the address..

The former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had introduced the term of “Creative Anarchy” as description for the confusing chronicles of Palestinian Israeli conflict.. Again, was used to describe the emerging unpredictable and uncontrolled series of events across the Arab world; which the media had given the “Sexy” name: “Arabic Spring.. Again, it was excessively and unwisely used among Egyptians, both elite and commons, to describe their developments.. Raw and Half-Cooked are the adequate descriptions, not only for the current political developments, but also for the general order.. It is never an easy job to restore a country after decades of superficiality, marginalization and beneficiation; which were encouraged by regimes and ruling powers.. No wonder that both ideological and dialectical parties are incapable to draw sensible road-maps..

The above sculpture made by the Egyptian graduate students at MIT; to mark the Revolution.. It interprets the whole story.. Only “Letters and Words” describe the Egyptian order..
Did they forget (intentionally or unintentionally) the “Substances”..?

Rasha on a Howdah..

A Sudanese Cinderella; or so she poses herself; or so her fans felt.. Landed in her search for a wealthy Prince, on an obsessed fellow who wanted to bring her the stars.. So far; it is acceptable..!

But to bring the "Fair" Rasha to the lavish wedding banquette on a Golden-painted “Howdah” carried by four "Dark" men, a replica of the Pharaoh Tales, Indian Fantasies or the Arabian Nights.. This was beyond the sick mind of any “Nouveau-Riche”, Feudal-Lord or Imperialist..!

She is a TV presenter in a local Sudanese station.. Her qualifications are only her fair skin and sexy looks.. Manages "Relaxed" talk-shows in a country doomed by dust and heat.. A pretty relaxed face among angry frustrated others.. Some commentators had condemned her photos as provocable from a “Journalist”.. Hold it: Not every pretty face, eloquent pen or loud speaker is a Journalist..

Journalism is a cultural interpretations, not accidental decorations.. Mass-media is the greatest "ZOO" Mankind had created.. Where many losers and parasites live.. It is also the illusion temple; where the Commons worship..Mass-Media in general and Journalism in particular, are worldly more Filthy, Notorious and Chaotic.. Not only systematically disturb and interrupt the people’s capacity to rationally understand and judge; but also dangerously create Tatoms and Taboos (Celebrities and Events) that hold our epistemism and destiny (Purpose and Goal) for unknown ransoms..!

The Subsequences of such remarkable marsh are not Temporary, Limited or Ignorable.. We had always underestimated the implications of social incidents, while their impacts are deep and long lasting.. Maybe the lack of “True” sociologists is a reason; or the public mindset of tolerance is another.. Either way, it is a dawn of further unhealthy destructive trends to flood the ill-Sudan..

Among the Sudanese Journalists; sincere fellows and patriotic professionals.. Yet, I dare to claim that most of them are politically driven rather than publically driven.. The difference is exactly what's between Politicians and Public Servants.. Visionaries on macro level vs. Processors on micro level.. Architects and Builders.. Who are disconnected and who are not.. (Some goes the extra mile or get jail-terms to prove publically connected, others change cars, houses, wives and affiliations every year!!).. Inevitably you need both, and also the attached awareness.. Maybe to restore order in our culture landscape.. Journalists have to agree on the lawful definitions.. and set fees on the rights of expressions..!!

Many of the Sudanese blogs had cursed Rasha Al-Rasheed and her groom Osama Abdel-Jalil on their provoking ceremonies.. However, I had liked the articles making it a replica of the "Dark" famous freak Idi Amin of Uganda; on his Howdah which was carried by four "White" Brits..!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Game Changer..

Dr. Mo Ibrahim on the Problem of Third World Governance
The infamous Worldly-Sudanese..!

In Sudan, we shy from publicity and been known.. For many of us; achieving is a companion of their eagerness for knowledge, satisfaction and self respect.. Therefore, most of our achievers are hardly known, even within their own neighborhood..!

This is a cultural product of solidarity in rural communities, mixed with humbleness of nomads.. All people are jointly striving the various challenges of rural hardship, or the narrow opportunities of nomadic survival.. In Sudan, despite the ugliness of today; no one is permitted for show off, contempt, or superiority to the others.. Rank, Position, Degree or Wealth do not justify being or feeling different from the natives around..

Sudanese had these qualities in their exoduses and travels.. Therefore, were always friendly and trustworthy.. yet; widely unappreciated or known..!!

God’s Way of Teaching Americans Geography..

Posted on 01/19/2012 by Juan Cole
With all the talk of Iran and Israel among the GOP presidential candidates, it is worth remembering that in this poll of a few years ago, three quarters of Americans could find neither Israel nor Iran on a map. Despite the US being at that time the occupying power in Iraq, some two-thirds couldn’t recognize that one, either.
A few more did recognize Iraq than the others, reminding one of Ambrose Bierce’s dictum that “War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.”
I suggest a new regulation on war. If a majority of your country cannot find the enemy country on the map, they aren’t interested enough to justify making war against it.
As for why Americans cannot find countries on the map, I personally think this unfairly maligned contestant got it right:

Despite how hilarious such poll and results are, I do believe that the essence of American way of life would feed the teenager with tools to do better in times of responsibility.. Americans are commonly known for being bold, adventurous and resilient, which are the basic tools to be creative, innovative or a contributor in an urban society.. Despite the ill-attributes of market-economy; the challenge-readiness is what is needed when opportunities are short against rivals..

It may sound odd, but among my natives in Sudan, people would encyclopedically compete to show awareness of world orders, geographies and cultures.. This goes back to times where they had to imagine the world through the broadcast of BBC in their rural communities.. On parallel; they commonly lack the tools and skills to improve, renovate, or sustain their lives..

The same applies in many countries, showing a relation between domestic fulfillment and global awareness.. When people have their own rich and fulfilling domestic environment, they care less for the outsider others.. Rationally, when their domestics are short to response to their ambitions and wishes, they seek those imported images and perceptions to fill the gaps..

I guess the question is about how to minimize the ill-attributes, while growing further the positive ones, in order to make the universe a better place to live and share..!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Does Pakistan Want..?

Repeating the charismatic essences of Obama; Imran Khan had recently shocked the political stage with his unprecedented show in Karachi. On December 25th, tens of thousands came in, listen to his hot slogans, and compiled critics against the ruling system.. Later, Imran, a cricket legend and founder of Tehreek-e-Insaf (or the Movement for Justice Party); personally had described the event as a “Playing World Cup Finals”.. This is relatively true..!!

He summaries the furies of young generations, unfortunate majorities and frustrated mid class in agendas to reform economy, politics and administration.. Despite how appealing these calls are, there was no clear nor coherent roadmap on how to bring them for action.. As a very much Obama-inspired, he certainly was aiming at mobilizing the nation to innovate actions rather than dictating them.. The momentum gained for his party is not granted to last, unless executive programs are set and implemented following such euphoria.. Typically; a Subcontinent political pitfall..

On the other hand, Mr Jilani; the Pakistan Prime Minister is likely to be humiliated by the Supreme Court of Law on his neglection or failure to carry on the lawful actions against corrupt president and other officials.. However, his battle against the motion of contempt will be for his own political survival rather than restoring the national order.. This proves how the political elite of Pakistan is the least faithful to the country.. The same applies in India on the bitter battles on corruption; as well as the public unrest in Bangladesh on false developments.. A Subcontinent earthquake on the formation..!!

As an outsider, I can see the rotten roots of this political standstill phenomenon, not only in Pakistan, but across the Subcontinent.. Commonly, there is a great frustration against: weak corruption control, bizarre Gov-administration, false development management and hilarious foreign relations.. The whole Subcontinent had been deformed to undermine any real sovereignty and prosperity.. The true pitfalls lay with both politicians and intellectuals, who had sold their endeavors for either corrupt personal gains or contagious show-off syndromes..

Despite the political and practical facts, I insist on calling the countries of India, Pakistan Bangladesh and Sri Lanka; by “The Subcontinent”; the political fact that was broken by 1945 partition.. Inevitably, the main five communities constitute one culture and one school of thought.. There are no epistemic evidences, including religion, would support that political partition.. I know, many would reject this statement, many would curse and give names, and others would simply laugh..!

The 1st pitfall: A History Misspell..
Since the early civilization across the Indus valley; Pakistan was destined to be the western line of defense for the Subcontinent. The 1949 Partition monopolized the political platform for these rich natures, peoples and cultures. Unfortunately; both leaders and politicians of the Subcontinent were and still easy prey for such universal strategic planning. Till date; referrals, propositions and engagements are widely ruined by the political bodies, which are greatly disproportionate to the public. Unfortunately, and due to economic globalization and political fragmentation; it will continue ahead. Therefore, no wonder that these "Partitioned" States are confused in defining their true identities..

No wonder that there are many failed cases of the delivery, despite the energy and capacities of the majorities..

From a military point of view; The Subcontinent had faced the threats of Alexander the Great.. Only the mountains of Pakistani Western Frontiers had prevented the Greek invasion.. On the contrary; Arians and Mongols had managed to penetrate the Indus plains from the unthinkable feet of the Himalayas.. Throughout history, The Subcontinent was topographically isolated against the armed conflicts around.. This had drawn its strategic security and alliances.. Always; Afghanistan, Nepal, Tibet, and Burma are the buffer-borders of the Subcontinent.. Only the military professionals had inherited the simplicity of historical topography.. Such facts are readable in current formation and distribution of military units across the Subcontinent..

The strategic maps of the Northern Frontiers of Kashmir, or the UN Corridors, were products of deep insights on management and control of water and mineral resources.. In addition this was meant to create a lasting-hot spot to prevent both China and Russia from reaching the warm waters of Arabian Sea.. In Kashmir, four groups are confronting each other, abandoning social development, deteriorating economical tourism and deforming the cultures. Kashmiris were never extremists, as their traditions had balanced their own identities against visitors, partners and invaders as well.. Kashmiris, regardless of their faith, are rapidly turning revolutionists.. This is will not solve the conflict, but arms it..

The 2nd pitfall: A Faith of Independence..
Since the partition, then the declaration of Bangladesh, the political strategists of the Subcontinent; as well as politicians and intelligentsia became increasingly incapable to define both threats and alliances.. As said so; let’s go back in history, when the nations had been developed and their principle geo-cultural identities were structured.. Nations are always driven by the trio of survival; Resources, Cultures and Arms..

The vast resources across the subcontinent had allowed for diversity, wealth and skills.. There were no famines or malnutrition except in the recent years.. No urban poverty prior to the colonization.. and No social epidemics till the decay of Mongol destiny.. The fertile land, plenty of waters and craftsmanship had nurtured the political establishment with repeated long peaceful and calm decades.. This is what had significantly enabled the flourish of cultures, arts and religions.. All religions had traded their rituals and concepts, all cultures had shared roots and codes, and all arts had tasted unified tunes and colors.. The wealthy resources had attracted strong navel foreigners to culturally reshape the 4,000 miles coastline, while the coverts services were creating the political divide of the nation..!

As how much Pakistani leaders had believed in the Partition, and worked for it; as how they reshaped the culture of their people by magnifying issues that would apart them from fellow Indians.. The become-traditional temperedness of a Pakistani person is a product of 60 years of systematic religious and patriotic curriculums to build a different identity.. I do acknowledge Janah and his executives for such remarkable mass communication achievement; despite my own reservations on the outcomes..!

The 3rd pitfall: A Blindness over Inevitabilities..
Culturally, despite the bitterness of armed conflicts, the ugly politics of vast democracies, and the spread of corrupt and ill urbanization; seeds of commons alignment and closeness are easily to be found.. Among the colors of hatred and heartaches, a native person has no homesickness within 2.5 million square miles of the Subcontinent.. Maybe, if people are left alone; things would be different.. Yet, this is the dilemmas of the Globe and the Mankind..

Folklore, Linguistics and Costumes are almost identical.. Social patterns, ranks and grades are the same, with different accent.. These cultural mosaics are the roots for integration, nor partition.. All communities of the Subcontinent had been dictated to share an excessive honor for the British Colonials and their British-borne Leaders.. Both realization and consciousness had been irreversibly poisoned with the partition concept; even far beyond the vision of the Colonials themselves..!!

So, what does Pakistan want..?

Pakistan is a magnifier of the overall Subcontinent case.. Politicians betrayed the commons.. Intelligentsia are confused between Britishness and their own.. Military are frustrated of strategy to keep them unnecessarily alert.. Youngsters are angry for being categorized as ill-fated nations..

Pakistan always claims to be largely different from India, with Muslim and Urdu speaking majorities. Pakistan debates with India on securing the strategic Northern Frontiers (Kashmir), while the geographic depth takes them further north towards Central Asia.. Chinese relations are weakened by unrests and uncertainties of the Chinese politics itself..

The recent ultimatum to arrest Musharraf once steps back on Pakistani soil, reflects and interprets the threats the political establishment feels from a General who managed to be a Politician.. Despite how he had been loyal to the conventional Pakistan political strategies, he had on parallel expressed readiness to change the roles of the game..!!

Should the new generations erase the seeds of hatred and confusion, replacing them, and establish their true solidarity apart from the fake partitions on lands, religions and resources..?

My predictions tells coming blow ups across the Subcontinent, defeating the ill-political establishments in favor of their common and lawful future..

Imran Khan Rally

Defining friends and aliens

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Global Productivity

I was working on a technical analysis for a development; which drove me to investigate alternate method to measure true wellbeing and prosperity.. Simply; comparing GDP to labor in order to define productivity..

Results were interesting..

The worlds; 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and Supers are clearly illustrated..

In my samples I had ignored countries relay on natural resources (more than 50%), relay on financial services (more than 50%), or on foreign labors (more than 20%)

Despite how remarkable the USA numbers, should we note their contributions to international organization (22% or $mln 600), international aid (35% or $bln 40) and outstanding military expenses of $bln 600..

Japan is maybe the most ideal and referral case, which has no natural resources, no foreign labors or dominating financial services.. Yet, they contribute by 12% of UN System and 6% of international aid.. They are ranked the 6th on productivity..

Israel should be read with further detailed analysis, whereas international aid (and gifts, incentives and periorities) contribute to almost 10% of their GDP.. Notably, they are one of the leading countries in technology apploications across most of the industries..

Turkey and Malaysia are leading examples of balanced and successful developments..

The floor is open for various and controversial readings..!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Libyan M-Brotherhood..

Libyan leaders are putting off the revolutionary slogans in favor of “The Big Brother” support and solidarity..!!
No matter what World Order, ICC, Human Rights, Failed state stand for..
Sudan is the 1st; but infamous, to be ruled by M-Brot...herhood in 1989. Sudan is one of the worst three failed states in 2010..!
Welcome the all-new 2012 M-Brotherhood politics..!!
It is too quick to shock and provoke the (spent $ 2bln) Western World.. and the (enthusiastic young-ones) Arabic Spring..!!
Is there any awaked minds and hearts are left alive..??

I strongly believe it is an appreciation visit…
From a Libyan air field, a Qatari F16, supported by US intelligence and French technology, had raided and killed Dr Khalil Ibrahim…

Libya slammed by rights group over Sudan president visit
MOSCOW, January 7 (RIA Novosti)
A visit to Libya on Saturday by Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court on genocide charges, has been criticized by a leading rights group.
Bashir “was given a warm welcome by the head of Libya’s National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, and members of the interim government,” the online version of the English-language paper The Tripoli Post reported. It also noted that the visit was the first by Bashir to Libya “since the overthrow of the dictatorial regime of Muammar Gaddafi.”
"Welcoming Bashir ... raises questions about the NTC's stated commitment to human rights and the rule of law," Richard Dicker, international justice director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement.
"Following the end of decades of brutal rule in Libya, it is disturbing if Tripoli hosts a head of state on the run from international arrest warrants for grave human rights violations."
Bashir supported last year’s revolt against Gaddafi.
Relations between Gaddafi-era Libya and Sudan were tense after Sudan accused the late Libyan leader of supporting rebels in Darfur.
“In 2010, the Gaddafi regime offered sanctuary to Darfur rebel chief Ibrahim Khalil, who was killed in Sudan last month after his return to the country,” The Tripoli Post said.
Libya is not a signatory to the International Criminal Court charter, and is under no legal obligation to arrest Bashir

Pibor Massacre..

Regretfully; more thousands are on the death row to feed the global resources politics.. What's more expected, when a partition was never meant for the people, never interpret their actual dreams or sorrows, never provided framework for a healthy nation to be..!!

Southern Sudan is the 2nd on failed states, the 2nd last in human development.. facts will last for a while..

The clue: Does ICC keep AlBashier enlisted..?

Thousands massacred as two tribes go to war in South Sudan

UN peacekeepers tell residents of Jonglei state capital to flee as raiders approach
Daniel Howden Saturday 07 January 2012
More than 3,000 people have been reported killed in South Sudan during a week of clashes between two tribes in the world's newest state.
Hundreds of children are missing and entire villages are said to have been burnt as a huge raiding party from the Lou Nuer tribe swept through a remote area in the east of the country, attacking their neighbours, the Murle people.
The war party, estimated to be 6,000-strong, has been marching south towards the main town in the Murle area, Pibor, crossing hundreds of miles on foot.
The fighting is part of an escalating war of reprisals between two ethnic groups who rely for survival on vast herds of cattle in one of the least developed countries on earth, and launch regular raids to snatch livestock, women and children.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Roma at Barvalipe: Identity, Pride, Commitment

In summer 2011, the Open Society Foundations launched Barvalipe, the first-ever Roma Pride Summer Camp. For ten days in Budapest, 28 young Roma came together to learn about their culture, history, and achievements, in the hopes of encouraging a sense of civic duty and social responsibility. Participants studied the basics of Romani language and history, took part in debates, heard from prominent Roma, and learned about the history of Roma during the Holocaust through a one-day study trip to Auschwitz where some 20,000 Roma died at the hands of the Nazis.

This video features images and excerpts from interviews with camp participants.