Friday, January 20, 2012

A Game Changer..

Dr. Mo Ibrahim on the Problem of Third World Governance
The infamous Worldly-Sudanese..!

In Sudan, we shy from publicity and been known.. For many of us; achieving is a companion of their eagerness for knowledge, satisfaction and self respect.. Therefore, most of our achievers are hardly known, even within their own neighborhood..!

This is a cultural product of solidarity in rural communities, mixed with humbleness of nomads.. All people are jointly striving the various challenges of rural hardship, or the narrow opportunities of nomadic survival.. In Sudan, despite the ugliness of today; no one is permitted for show off, contempt, or superiority to the others.. Rank, Position, Degree or Wealth do not justify being or feeling different from the natives around..

Sudanese had these qualities in their exoduses and travels.. Therefore, were always friendly and trustworthy.. yet; widely unappreciated or known..!!

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