Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Global Productivity

I was working on a technical analysis for a development; which drove me to investigate alternate method to measure true wellbeing and prosperity.. Simply; comparing GDP to labor in order to define productivity..

Results were interesting..

The worlds; 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and Supers are clearly illustrated..

In my samples I had ignored countries relay on natural resources (more than 50%), relay on financial services (more than 50%), or on foreign labors (more than 20%)

Despite how remarkable the USA numbers, should we note their contributions to international organization (22% or $mln 600), international aid (35% or $bln 40) and outstanding military expenses of $bln 600..

Japan is maybe the most ideal and referral case, which has no natural resources, no foreign labors or dominating financial services.. Yet, they contribute by 12% of UN System and 6% of international aid.. They are ranked the 6th on productivity..

Israel should be read with further detailed analysis, whereas international aid (and gifts, incentives and periorities) contribute to almost 10% of their GDP.. Notably, they are one of the leading countries in technology apploications across most of the industries..

Turkey and Malaysia are leading examples of balanced and successful developments..

The floor is open for various and controversial readings..!!

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