Friday, January 20, 2012

God’s Way of Teaching Americans Geography..

Posted on 01/19/2012 by Juan Cole
With all the talk of Iran and Israel among the GOP presidential candidates, it is worth remembering that in this poll of a few years ago, three quarters of Americans could find neither Israel nor Iran on a map. Despite the US being at that time the occupying power in Iraq, some two-thirds couldn’t recognize that one, either.
A few more did recognize Iraq than the others, reminding one of Ambrose Bierce’s dictum that “War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.”
I suggest a new regulation on war. If a majority of your country cannot find the enemy country on the map, they aren’t interested enough to justify making war against it.
As for why Americans cannot find countries on the map, I personally think this unfairly maligned contestant got it right:

Despite how hilarious such poll and results are, I do believe that the essence of American way of life would feed the teenager with tools to do better in times of responsibility.. Americans are commonly known for being bold, adventurous and resilient, which are the basic tools to be creative, innovative or a contributor in an urban society.. Despite the ill-attributes of market-economy; the challenge-readiness is what is needed when opportunities are short against rivals..

It may sound odd, but among my natives in Sudan, people would encyclopedically compete to show awareness of world orders, geographies and cultures.. This goes back to times where they had to imagine the world through the broadcast of BBC in their rural communities.. On parallel; they commonly lack the tools and skills to improve, renovate, or sustain their lives..

The same applies in many countries, showing a relation between domestic fulfillment and global awareness.. When people have their own rich and fulfilling domestic environment, they care less for the outsider others.. Rationally, when their domestics are short to response to their ambitions and wishes, they seek those imported images and perceptions to fill the gaps..

I guess the question is about how to minimize the ill-attributes, while growing further the positive ones, in order to make the universe a better place to live and share..!

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