Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Not Diffecult..

By Shaza Zahran

To make a woman happy, a man only needs to be:
1. a Friend
2. a Companion
3. a Lover
4. a Brother
5. a Father
6. a Master
7. a Chef
8. an Electrician
9. a Carpenter
10. a Plumber
11. a Mechanic
12. a Decorator
13. a Stylist
14. a Sexologist
15. a Gynaecologist
16. a Psychologist
17. a Pest exterminator
18. a Psychiatrist
19. a Healer
20. a Good listener
21. an Organiser
22. a Godfather
23. a Very-Clean
24. a Sympathetic
25. an Athletic
26. an Warm
27. an Attentive
28. a Gallant
29. an Intelligent
30. a Funny
31. a Creative
32. a Tender
33. a Strong
34. an Understanding
35. a Tolerant
36. a Prudent
37. an Ambitious
38. a Capable
39. a Courageous
40. a Determined
41. a True
42. a Dependable
43. a Passionate
44. Give her compliments regularly.
45. Love shopping.
46. Be honest.
47. Be very rich.
48. Not stress her out.
49. Not look at other girls.
50. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself.
51. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself.
52. Give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes.
53. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to never forget:*Birthdays Anniversaries* arrangements she makes

 معقول سعادة المرأة صعبة لهذه الدرجة ؟ رحم الله الشيخ فرح ود تكتوك ، الظاهر يا شذا امرأتك
 هذه هى الجميلة المستحيلة
 heheheh Mohamed, your shaikh is totally guilty of over simplifying women needs !!! he only listed two isn't he!! food and the other one is related to state security

I guess the syndrome of She-He had spread by global media and culture communications, rather than a true evolution of community epistemic order.. This is no different from lots of the physiochemical ingredients of today’s world.. Women and ...Men are simpler than such complex feasibility driven taboos.. Otherwise, civilization would not grow.. as people would invest most of their time “securing” their national interests.. !!

Mohamed Ayoub Fadlallah
تحياتى استاذ عادل ، اعدت الى ذاكرتى الطيب صالح وحوارات شخصياته فى موسم الهجرة الى الشمال ، كانت محاولة مبكرة لكسر هذا الحاجز او التابوه ، وما يدعو للغرابة ان الناس هنا استقبلوها بحفاوة ولكنهم احتفظو بال (state security ) اللى قالت عليه شذا ، فأثر الثقافة او التابوهات لا يزال قويا ويبدو باينا حتى فى تعليقى هذا ، هى فعلا معركة تحتاج الى قدر كبر من العقلانية و الشجاعة والسند فثمة سيوف مشرعة منذ قرون فى انتظار مثل هذا الخروج

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