Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rasha on a Howdah..

A Sudanese Cinderella; or so she poses herself; or so her fans felt.. Landed in her search for a wealthy Prince, on an obsessed fellow who wanted to bring her the stars.. So far; it is acceptable..!

But to bring the "Fair" Rasha to the lavish wedding banquette on a Golden-painted “Howdah” carried by four "Dark" men, a replica of the Pharaoh Tales, Indian Fantasies or the Arabian Nights.. This was beyond the sick mind of any “Nouveau-Riche”, Feudal-Lord or Imperialist..!

She is a TV presenter in a local Sudanese station.. Her qualifications are only her fair skin and sexy looks.. Manages "Relaxed" talk-shows in a country doomed by dust and heat.. A pretty relaxed face among angry frustrated others.. Some commentators had condemned her photos as provocable from a “Journalist”.. Hold it: Not every pretty face, eloquent pen or loud speaker is a Journalist..

Journalism is a cultural interpretations, not accidental decorations.. Mass-media is the greatest "ZOO" Mankind had created.. Where many losers and parasites live.. It is also the illusion temple; where the Commons worship..Mass-Media in general and Journalism in particular, are worldly more Filthy, Notorious and Chaotic.. Not only systematically disturb and interrupt the people’s capacity to rationally understand and judge; but also dangerously create Tatoms and Taboos (Celebrities and Events) that hold our epistemism and destiny (Purpose and Goal) for unknown ransoms..!

The Subsequences of such remarkable marsh are not Temporary, Limited or Ignorable.. We had always underestimated the implications of social incidents, while their impacts are deep and long lasting.. Maybe the lack of “True” sociologists is a reason; or the public mindset of tolerance is another.. Either way, it is a dawn of further unhealthy destructive trends to flood the ill-Sudan..

Among the Sudanese Journalists; sincere fellows and patriotic professionals.. Yet, I dare to claim that most of them are politically driven rather than publically driven.. The difference is exactly what's between Politicians and Public Servants.. Visionaries on macro level vs. Processors on micro level.. Architects and Builders.. Who are disconnected and who are not.. (Some goes the extra mile or get jail-terms to prove publically connected, others change cars, houses, wives and affiliations every year!!).. Inevitably you need both, and also the attached awareness.. Maybe to restore order in our culture landscape.. Journalists have to agree on the lawful definitions.. and set fees on the rights of expressions..!!

Many of the Sudanese blogs had cursed Rasha Al-Rasheed and her groom Osama Abdel-Jalil on their provoking ceremonies.. However, I had liked the articles making it a replica of the "Dark" famous freak Idi Amin of Uganda; on his Howdah which was carried by four "White" Brits..!!

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