Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sudan, six months after separation..

Be aware of Maya Khan.. and Antichrist..!!

I doubt it was unintentional entry of the program..

When western democracies were challenged by measures of prosperity and equality; Youngsters’ Movements were very enthusiastic and furious on negotiating with the formal establishments on measures and road mapping.. Notably, many across Europe had replaced the eagerness for tangible change into intangible one on the shores of Goa or within the blue clouds.. On parallel, who had kept standing, had introduced the NGO and Civic movements worldwide.. However, the outcomes and its wide correlative implications, had forced De Gaulle and Nixon to resign.. This had interpreted the new grown public culture..

Bottom line: There is a compulsory route for political maturity, which our people are experiencing now..

There is no numbers to assess or to weight, but loud echo from traditional and new media..

In a transforming world; from Information into intelligence, what is the basis of any change campaigns..? In a country with poor rates of HDI, how far voices of change would reach..? Shall we, as always used to; satisfy with Central Khartoum as expression and focus, or reach out the Marginal People..? Which social models we are after or looking for..? Which Sudan we are talking about, or representing..?

There is no Fast-Track cultural change, nor a Fast maturity.. We have long walk to go, not hesitant but awaked-aware..!!

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