Friday, March 9, 2012

An Anti Poverty Structure

If there is a "Poor" person within the Muslim territories; it means there are some ones who are not "Offering or Observing" their religious duties..!!

This was an authentic phrase by an early Muslim, whom I do not recall his name..

However, it fits the Islamic economic theory that denounces "Gap of Resources".. As Allah swt grants providing all sufficient resources to all creations, subject to their endeavor (or strive) to get it..

On State level, the “Public Endowment Trust” would take care of all the needy along the critical public needs (Food, Shelter, Healthcare, Public Service and Army)..

On Personal level, the compulsory 0.1% "Zakat or Regulated Charity" would reach whom the system cannot reach, as it can be managed personally or publically..

A Volunteer third tool; which sets no limits for “Sadaqah or Volunteer Charity”, when people can give away beyond the formal code.. This is what now is called (Impact Investors..)

I prefer to call the Islamic economic structure as a “CSR Based Classical Capitalism"
All citizens, regardless of their religions  within the Muslim Territories are privileged to be supported by the three levels of the Islamic Anti Poverty Structure..(unless they have a mutiny against the Muslim state)..

This is not an exaggeration, but the true Islamic Code; which regretfully many Muslims ignore..!!!!!!

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