Friday, March 16, 2012

Arabic Photoshop

Not far from the previous photo of debate..
The original set did not include Israeli soldier or Palestinian women and girls..!!
The modern curse of Arabic Culture is named: Photoshop..
Skills to decieve; not to impress..

However, the theme is adequate to wherever atrocities occur..

Yet; let's include “integrity” in the modern Arabic vocabularies..!!

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  1. As how the modern social media and ICT had enabled to ignite the Arabic Spring.. The debates are continuous for the last year on both integrity and falseness of reported photographs, video clips and correlated news..

    Arabic Communities with their 60% illiteracy, 40% unemployment and 30% poverty will never be able to think twice on the truth within the circulated media.. Resultant: chaos and uncertainty..

    It became a torture to know.. a mass murder to express.. and a curse to share..!