Saturday, March 10, 2012

Are there true "MEN" alive..?

As copied from the Facebook page of صحي الرجال ماتو في كرري or True; Men had died in Kerreri

Interesting Thread...

Jehad Makhoul: يللي مطالب بالمساواة فليتحمل وزرها !!

Adil Abdalla: Kerreri was the place for the battle of Omdurman 1898; which had ended with EgyptoBritish rule of Sudan. Sir Herbert Kitchener commanded a force of 8,000 British regulars and a mixed force of 17,000 Sudanese and Egyptian troops.They managed to defeat troops of Sudanese Ansar or Dervishes, numbered around 50,000.
Local floklore marked it as the End of Sudanese Manhood..!!

Adil Abdalla: Agree, but "Men" are inevitably expected to be Cavilers..!

Moonfleet Eldai: بنات مهيرة زاتن ماتو !!!

Omar Thiab: هذه ليست مساواه... هذه قلة نخوه ورجوله وشهامه...

Sameh Abosaif: أنا عايز اعرف الرجاله عند التوتوك بيشجعوا ولا إيه

Jehad Makhoul: it seems Arab culture still not ready to accept women equality the West a woman could grill a man if he stands to give her his seat in a public transport ! Women are imposing it themselves trying to prove that they do not a man's hand and they can just do ot themselves !! I still consider that a woman is the weaker partner, but I guess it is due to cultural raising ! In the US, Canada, Europe many women start a family at the sperm bank as single parent depending on their own work and building careers and, they do not even have domestic helpers !

Moonfleet Eldai: يا جماعة يمكن الباص سايقاهو مرة و معاها صحباتها ومافي حاجة ماتخليهم يجربوا يدفروا عربية ! المسألة مانخوة بس المسألة فيها أنوثة تم التخلي عنها

Adil Abdalla: So far, I accept what Omar had said.. Global culture is not necessarily fair; much of it is dirven by lobbiests and people of particular concerns; which is well known.. If equality is such acceptable logic, why men are not bosed in "Bikinis".. PR industry is $100 billion business..!!
Then, all cultures, Philosiphies and Faiths had drawn gender profiles, which we unsuccessfully try to replace for the last century.. Still evey female awaits a male to propose, regardless how pro-fiminization she is.. These facts should not be ignored..!!
Last; we can not change our culture in few years to accept models that had been in the western lab for since WWII.. Our rates of HDI are so low that 70% of our people will not understand such phrases, 24.9% will pretend to accept, and only 0.1% will consciously reject..

Adil Abdalla: ‎@ Sameh, they are cheer-men, only they need short skirts and some sexy acrobatic moves..!!

Adil Abdalla: ‎@ Hesham.. Our factually men are declining.. They had sold the country, and their own pride.. so they have to play dumb..!!

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