Friday, March 30, 2012

Dominance of English

A dear friend had questioned me why not using Arabic..?

To start with on how my machine is not Arabic enabled; is not justifiable.. Either to change it or download Arabic enabling applications..

But the fact: it is a mindset; which is different and distinct.. Use of language can tell why cultures are closer, clashing, fighting or reconciling.. In addition, the Arabic cyber users are 86 million or 24% of population or 4% of world users.. and 35 milion Facebook members.. Yet, the catch is on usage maturity, professionalims and business orientation: There is no data.. You may assume whatsoever you like..!!

I strongly encourage "intellectual" Arabs to learn English.. This is inevitable for tomorrow's world; which Giscard d'Estaing had predicted the death of other languages.. Arabs and others have to learn English; otherwise they will be totally expelled from the "intellectual" future.. Despite the few claims that English dominance will not last; the basis of the claim are hypocritical.. True measures are not only the dominance of internet and research, but also both GDP blocs and Publications..

Inside my household I speak Arabic; but in my "intellectual" global network; I use English.. Being proud of a cultural heritage is something; while being part of global culture is another.. Using foreign languages is not necessarily to speak as a native; but enables comparable approach to assess the depth of local epistemia and examine the rationales of both brains and muscles.. It enables the “intellectual others” to criticize, analyze and advise on local issues.. Then, development and performance will not be locally limited, but exposed for the world to share.. It is about eligibility of intellectual assets for exposure and participation..
Tunisian Spring was much successful than others; by the serious contributions from "intellectual" Migrant Tunisians.. They had brought different views for the domains by their "intellectual" exposure; which is not a cultural seizure.. Globalization is not a cultural surrender, but accreditation.. Egyptians, Yeminis, Syrians and Sudanese were seized within their intensified local slogans, debates and state-of-mind.. The agony had downgraded their dreams and solutions.. Their views were mostly ruptures of sociopolitical fabrics, rather than progressive political performance.. Being preys of international political games is not an excuse, but a proof of intellectual failure..!!

The current “Arabic Dark Age” is a product of cultural isolation; which did not import and transmit the concepts of precision, governance and progression.. The people are smart; but have no access to the empirical knowledge.. During the last 50 years, the Arabic Chauvinism had created linguistic barriers, with legitimate claims of Identity pride and protection.. Many other nations understand English, and comprehensively use it to improve their local practices and knowledge.. References of science and professions are edited, published and updated in English, while the limited translations are very poor.. The "intellectual" others master the English when they need to, despite how they insist on their national language in communications, domestics and media..

Despite the intensive “Arabization” of software, manuals and applications; most of the intellectual Arabs of today; had lost the resilience of their cultural identity..

However, life is all about different points of views..


  1. If my target is the election for a public office or post, I’d write in Arabic only; as 75% of the constituency will be commons.. But my aim is to mentor the 2.5%; who are eligible to make practical differences.. Therefore, they should be intellectual enough to understand what I’m talking about..!!
    إذا كان هدفي هو الانتخاب لمنصب عام ، لكان يهم ان اكتب باللغة العربية فقط ، حيث 75٪ من الدائرة الانتخابية سيكونون من العوام .. ولكن هدفي هو ترقية وتعليم نسبة ال 2.5٪ ؛ المؤهلون لجعل التغيير الحقيقي ممكن الحدوث .. ولذلك ، ينبغي أن يكونون قادرين فكريا بما فيه الكفاية ؛ لفهم ما أتحدث عنه

  2. If early “intellectual” Arabs did not learn from India, Persia, Greece and Rome; they would not be able to contribute to the knowledge evolution.. Similarly, if they did not contribute back, modern knowledge would not be born.. Knowledge by definition is inevitably shared and open-sourced..
    This tells why some people are still dominated by illogic myths and magicians, while others are stepping on the moon.. Some people are helpless by dictators, while others enjoy democracy..
    Local cultures would gradually fade by protectionism and isolation, and only revitalize by exposure and integration..