Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ethiopian Domestic Workers in Lebanon..

Abusing the domestic workers became a trend from Morocco to Indonesia..
I can't understand why..??
However; I can confirm our prehistoric hunting genes and modern psycho perpetration..!!!

I may salute Philippines and Indonesia for the strong stand to defend their citizens..
Yet ILO is playing (or maybe they truly are) dumb..!!

"The scenes of the Ethiopian domestic worker being beaten outside the Ethiopian consulate were considered as a crime by all those who saw them. The Lebanese state mobilized... its efforts, especially the cabinet and the Lebanese public opinion that strongly denounced what happened, calling for harsh sanctions against the perpetrator of such acts in the future.
Ali Mahfouz is the man seen in the video footage, abusing the Ethiopian worker; LBCI identified him through his plate number. Ali tried to justify his act by denying that he beat her; he stressed that the worker tried to commit suicide more than once and that he tried dealing with her humanely, but she refused to go to the airport for deportation.
Labor Minister Salim Jreissati told LBCI that the Ministry of Labor decided to take the necessary measures to punish the perpetrator who turned out to be an employee in the domestic workers’ office. Jreissati said that the ministry summoned the domestic workers’ office for an urgent meeting on Monday, adding that a formal complaint will be registered.
As for Chakib Kortbawi, he told LBCI that this act cannot be justified, adding that justice will be served and that the public prosecution launched an investigation in this case.
The Ethiopian Consulate’s employees told LBCI that they remember the incident, adding that it is not one of its kind. They called on the Lebanese authorities to interfere and protect Ethiopian nationals.
Caritas identified the Ethiopian worker, stressing that they were following up on her case since she was admitted in Deir el-Salib hospital two weeks ago.
This Ethiopian girl may be lucky that pictures of her were taken while being abused, but many other domestic workers are being beaten and abused behind closed doors.

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An Ethiopian girl Kidnapped and Dragged into a car brutaly by a group of coward Lebanese men in in broad Daylight in the middle of the city and no one coming for help! This incident must have happened this month, in the first weeks of March 2012 in Lebanon! Please try identify the the young woman inorder to inform her family and relatives back home and try also to identify the group of men to bring them to justice!!!!"

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