Sunday, March 25, 2012


Lost, confused, broken and fearful tearless eyes had already ruined my day..
Should Bengali step out..? Why their Spring cooled down..?
Typical subcontinent political monopolies and games; among very poor helpless people
Short live in dignity is better than a long one in despair..

Hashi is a 17 yr old prostitute in a brothel in Tangail, a north eastern city of... Bangladesh.
In the picture she is embracing her 'husband', these men called 'lovers' and 'husbands' normally live outside the brothels, take money and sex from these young women in exchange for protection against the thugs in the local community - a male dominated culture.
Hashi earns 800 - 1000 taka daily, (9.75 - 12.19 U.S. $) daily, serving between 15 - 20 customers on a daily basis.
Hashi is one of the hundreds of mostly teenage sex workers living a painful life of exploitation in Kandapara slum' s brothels.
These young prostitute women who take Oradexon, a steriod used by farmers on their cattle.... in order to gain weight and look 'healthy' and more attractive to clients...!/pages/Womens-Room/124810470936450


  1. Shaza Zahran
    Its a human tragedy!!, another manifestation of the impact of poverty on underdeveloped countries,, you will find disease in so many other countries,,, victims are young women. SAD!

  2. Adil Abdalla
    May each sensible knowledgeable would offer a candle for who are fit to cross the disgraceful intelligent tunnel of humanity..!!

  3. Shaza Zahran
    When we come to understanding that we all ONE,,, we will heal the world!!

  4. Mohamed Ayoub Fadlallah
    كأننا ما زلنا فى زمن الرق والاسترقاق ، العالم لا يزال يئن تحت وطأة مجتمعات فاسدة ، وحكومات اكثر فسادا ، اذا لم تكن مثل هذه الفتاة هدفا رئيسا لبرامج السلطة للأرتقاء بحياتها وعتقها من هذا الأسر البغيض فهى بلا شك سلطة تديرها عصابة

  5. Certainly we're.. Modern Slavery has many complex forms, from Holywood to Heng Dian (Chinese TV & Movie City).. From St Petersburg to Cape Town.. I almost believe how it's part of our legacy; without, we shall get lost..!!
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